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  1. http://rebel-heart-tour.kazeo.com/ UPDATE #03 Joan Of Arc & Devil Pray, from 2015's Rebel Heart album, will probably be included into the first section of the show. The song Love Don't Live Here Anymore, from Like A Virgin album, is said to be definitely included into the final setlist.
  2. Weird to think all of that are likely to be on the upcoming tour. I'm Addicted always reminded me of Frozen DWT and Arianne Phillips called both costumes of S&ST and MDNA Tour final segments as Joan of Arc inspired so I'd rather her do samurai/medieval this time.
  3. It sounded notably different though, thanks to Kevin's band using better drums than Stuart's!
  4. It's gonna slay live! Can't wait for Illuminatrix to now list the last song of the 3rd segment as "Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Madonna sing amazing ballad with a couple dancers) ("HeartBreakCity" sampler)"...
  5. I don't think they will be able to record rehearsals from outside of an arena. I don't mind that but why isn't News of M posting anything since Monday?!
  6. 17 days and still no concrete info, by this time in 2012 we've had the whole setlist...
  7. Huh? First time I'm hearing about this. Amazing wouldn't have fit in the cowgirl section, the only obvious replacement would be Beautiful Stranger. And The Funny Song always seemed like a "taking a break" part than an actual number so to me it's unlikely she would have sung 6 songs in the cowgirl segment...
  8. The French setlist is the only one that mentioned both Joan Of Arc & Wash All Over Me, since then they were not part of rumors but I seriously doubt she would ignore both of them, surely these songs are important to her and would include them on tour...
  9. Gorgeous track, best ballad on the album for me!
  10. I still don't see the first segment being so Rebel Heart heavy while the rest of the show filled with medleys. Possibly still just fan speculation and News of M said Rebel Heart is in the Gipsy section, it makes a lot more sense there (right before the finale) than in the first segment, especially if it's an acoustic guitar number.
  11. That rumor is a month old and comes from the French setlist in fact. http://www.mcm.fr/madonna-rebel-heart-tour-la-setlist-des-concerts-devoilee-a430675.html
  12. This is the exact same setlist by Illuminatrix before News of M proved him wrong earlier this week...
  13. Holiday - Blond Ambition Tour Bye Bye Baby, La Isla Bonita, Justify My Love - The Girlie Show Frozen, Lo Que Siente La Mujer - Drowned World Tour Vogue, Nobody Knows Me, Express Yourself, Into The Groove - Re-InventionTour Like It Or Not, Music Inferno - Confessions Tour Vogue, Heartbeat, Spanish Lesson - Sticky & Sweet Tour Human Nature - MDNA Tour
  14. Went with Nobody Knows Me as well, most of the time to me the second song is not really the best performance of the show since it's almost always an album track with its original arrangement.
  15. It was a small snippet on S&ST already, doubt she'd do that again. It was on Celebration so it counts as one of the "hits" now.
  16. News of M already has 15 songs listed for the show, without the likes of Devil Pray, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch, Bitch I'm Madonna, Joan Of Arc, HeartBreakCity or Body Shop so it's likely we know most of the old songs now.
  17. I was about to say that! I don't think News of M would risk ruining its credibility with so many songs supposedly revealed for this tour if it was all fake...
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