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  1. So are Ghosttown & Frozen 2 of the 3 supposedly rehearsed but scrapped songs? I wonder if Joan Of Arc is the 3rd, it would fit perfectly in this spot...
  2. Seems I made a lucky guess in the Philly thread about alternating between Who's That Girl & Ghosttown.
  3. Maybe she could try doing Joan Of Arc in the place of Rebel Heart sometime.
  4. I feared 6 full songs in one segment would be too long for every single night. Maybe she will alternate between the two songs?
  5. Check again. Body Shop vocals are way too fast and she's doing a choreography, those are not live vocals, like most of the Rebel Heart songs.
  6. It's easy to say she hates Take A Bow but she ignores most of the 1990s on tour anyway, even 2 ROL singles were never performed... Well she cannot really reproduce the MDNA or Rebel Heart vocals live so a lot of those are lipsynched like Bitch I'm Madonna, Holy Water or Body Shop but on this tour her live singing shines with Who's That Girl etc so it's fine.
  7. The second segment being the most theatrical stopped after DWT. For MDNA Tour for example it was the first section. I think this time around the second segment is a Travolta/Elvis homage of sorts with the 1950s concept of "can't help falling in love" etc presented in the Madonna way of course. I don't think Burning Up is random there, after all it was the earliest incarnation of the "Bitch I'm Madonna" theme, wasn't it? "Unlike the others I'd do anything"...
  8. ^Really? Album sales are at an all time low and Billboard pulled a trickery that makes it seem people stream albums more but it's just the singles. I think in pop music albums get even less attention these days.
  9. On August 27 1983, Holiday/Lucky Star made its debut on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the U.S., entering at #31. The promo-only double A-side single was serviced to clubs by Sire/Warner in order to gauge public interest before deciding which track should be promoted to radio. Although technically serving as the B-side, Holiday was given top billing for its chart entry when it proved to be the more popular selection with club DJ’s. It was subsequently issued as Madonna’s third commercial single in North America, while Lucky Star was released as her fifth single a year later.
  10. ^Yep, it's her major hits that are still recognized and remembered. Unlike rock acts for example who have albums treated as classics. I think some fans mistakenly equal "singles artist" with "she only sells singles but not albums"...
  11. I don't think she was supposed to do Don't Tell Me again the same way, isn't that choreography simply 1950s inspired?
  12. Not musically, I meant lyrically, both Who's That Girl & Rebel Heart reflect on Madonna herself, her career, how far she's come etc, Ghosttown wedged inbetween is just weird. Wonder if it's staying there permanently.
  13. Is she listening to fans crying on instagram now? Ghosttown doesn't fit that segment at all...
  14. Full show in 13 parts without song titles: https://www.youtube.com/user/drnotbu/videos
  15. But it's still the only Hard Candy song she performs live, just like how the rest of COADF is forgotten bar Hung Up. In my opinion this tour makes it clear she's not ever dragging out other non-hit singles or album tracks. She's also ignored the ROL album on two tours in a row by now...
  16. Isn't Iconic more like Future Lovers, a photoshoot made into video footage? Is she even miming the words in it?
  17. I love The Girlie Show rendition but it wasn't even a proper worldwide single so why would she do it again? Also, apart from the first 3 albums she keeps returning to only 1-2 songs from each album, that's how it goes and this tour further solidified that.
  18. Exactly. Messiah was relegated to an interlude, she's definitely not big on performing ballads. As for cut apocalypse segment, is that becoming another rumor that is widely spread among the fanbase treated like fact, like Nothing Really Matters on RIT? There is absolutely no evidence to it and Madonna herself never teased Ghosttown for the tour so it's possible it was never rehearsed.
  19. Everybody is so mistreated, it never makes the show properly and now even a small snippet is removed!
  20. Someone else recorded Body Shop in full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4fN15VfzLY
  21. Not confirmed at all. Between The Bars is the only song teased by her that didn't make the show and it might have just been an interlude anyway.
  22. Not sure. While there a couple of numbers that could easily be replaced, the show seems to flow incredibly well so it doesn't feel like she would tinker with it.
  23. “Confessions On A Dance Floor” began as a musical film. The French director Luc Besson, best known for The Fifth Element, was writing a screenplay about a woman on her deathbed looking back on the life she thought she had lived but, due to senility and amnesia, didn’t actually experience. Madonna, who was set to star in it and write the music, began working with Stuart Price, Pat Leonard and Mirwais on songs spanning the last century of popular music. “I had to write music from the Twenties, big-band stuff from the Forties, Sixties folk music a la Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez, punk, and music f
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