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  1. Her vocals in the verses are everything! Some called Stephen Bray's production in it as the precursor to Express Yourself.
  2. ^Secret was amazing but it's essentially the Drowned World Tour version, Who's That Girl is WAY more special and a highlight of the show.
  3. ^I agree, the album has like 2 dance bops at most, Living For Love & Bitch I'm Madonna...
  4. Two songs is "every first single" now and what about Celebration anyway?
  5. The "working late with a producer" thing was so biased, why didn't people say it for Bloodshy & Avant on COADF? Then Klas Ahlund, Jean-Baptiste & Jimmy Harry for MDNA? Not to mention, Diplo, Kanye, Avicii, Billboard, MoZella, S1 & Toby Gad on Rebel Heart? All of these people gave hits for other artists before Madonna used them...
  6. Is it a trend now that in 2-show cities she does the "extra song" only on one of them?
  7. I still don't see how MDNA Tour is more of a "cardio tour" than Rebel Heart Tour, only the opening and finale had hardcore dancing. I don't get either why people assume Rebel Heart Tour is not physically demanding, some fans act like it's the same as Kylie's Fever Tour for example, where she just stood at one spot and waved her arms...
  8. It's been the same band post-CT on the last 3 tours I believe.
  9. - "I know where beauty lives I've seen it once I know the warmth she gives The light that you could never see It shines inside You can't take that from me" - "Well I know from experience That if you have to ask for something More than once or twice It wasn't yours in the first place And that's hard to accept When you love someone And you're led to believe In their moment of need That they want what you want When they don't" - "When you looked into my eyes And you said goodbye Could you see my tears When I turned the other way Did you hear me say I'd wait for all the dark clouds bursting in a
  10. Well after 15 shows passed, Ghosttown is almost exactly like what Holiday was on the North American leg of MDNA Tour.
  11. Come on now, let's not be like Janet fans. Her mic is always on but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of backing tapes throughout the show.
  12. Sticky & Sweet Tour, it has all her eras represented. Rebel Heart Tour has a few songs that have been overperformed by now and most of the 1990s are ignored.
  13. And it's ironic how the ROLighters conveniently ignore that Madonna used Rick Nowels on it, who co-wrote and co-produced Belinda Carlisle's Heaven Is A Place On Earth & Celine Dion's Falling Into You...
  14. Well I compared it to the previous 4 performances of the song and this one does not sound completely live to me and like I said check at 2:34 where she doesn't seem to be in sync with the backing tapes.
  15. Backing tapes, it sounds way too clear compared to Chicago.
  16. Is this a more plugged in version now? Sounds different from the previous night. I think she also has vocal beds on, check at 2:34 for example, she seems to do the line too quick.
  17. The album version is still great, her vocals are awesome!
  18. Despite a bad crowd, she did both Who's That Girl & Ghosttown?
  19. Yeah I think a lot of fans dislike Take A Bow because it's "too mid-90s Babyface" many fans detest her AC period anyway...
  20. It's not like post-DWT shows had more props, let's be serious now! Adding hits does not mean "less production costs" either. She usually crams the new songs at the first half of the show so you could use the same argument for TGS and CT as well. And I don't see how Hold Tight would fit inbetween Bitch I'm Madonna & Holy Water, two obviously "rebel" songs, nor how a number with drums mean "elaborate production", she basically did it in the previous tour with Give Me All Your Luvin'...
  21. Where does it show? Her costumes look best since more than a decade, the show hardly looks "cheaper" than RIT or CT. One could argue about interludes not having new footage but CT didn't have any either...
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