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  1. I believe she never mentioned the number of songs, it was one of the guys among the songwriters who mentioned 11. We know about 9 anyway.
  2. Not sure if this was posted yet: http://madonnaunderground.com/MUreloaded/exclusive-special-rebel-heart-promo-edition-200-copies-with-leather-strings-in-france-rebelheart-madonna/ It is possible the +6 tracks with Borrowed Time etc. is not true at all. It only comes from M-Infinity and that FLOP listening party post, but has not been posted by MTribe, MRama etc.
  3. Inside Out has the same credits as Ghosttown. http://www.warnerchappell.com/song-details/WW010451565000
  4. Did she not? Between the opening and closing numbers she barely had a demanding choreography bar the 2 minutes of Give Me All Your Luvin'.
  5. The deluxe edition of MDNA has 16 songs while the initial setlist of MDNA Tour had 8 live performances + Best Friend interlude from MDNA so it's almost a sure thing several songs won't be performed live. She can't actually sing Illuminati or Bitch I'm Madonna live anyway, they are either for interludes or samples. She can always do medleys or snippets like Erotica in Candy Shop, this also helps having more hits in the setlist. At this stage of her career half of her setlist has to be among the usual Holiday, Into The Groove, La Isla Bonita, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Frozen, Ray Of Light, Music, Do
  6. MDNA had twice as many producers as Bedtime Stories, in fact. But looks like this one will outdo even MDNA!
  7. She used them spectacularly on tour, that's a lot more than charting for a week or two...
  8. I'm pretty sure it's not on Spotify only because all of its tracks are available on other albums.
  9. I've just listened to it, it definitely is underrated! I never had any problem with the semi-chronological tracklist, I think it flows well. The song selection was obviously inspired by the Drowned World Tour as 10 out of the 15 songs appear in that setlist. Even though they left out several ballad hits, it's still quite a downtempo listen altogether, they should have used the remixes of Don't Cry For Me Argentina & What It Feels Like For A Girl, those two are the weakest links on the album anyway. American Pie could have worked instead as it's more uptempo than most tracks here and also t
  10. I guess the most we can expect is samples like a lot of Hard Candy on the MDNA Tour and she practically never rediscovers a non-performed album track after its respective tour, but what about Some Girls & Superstar? I always found it weird they were ignored on the MDNA Tour, the former was rehearsed but the latter would have been an obvious guitar performance for her and also would have been one of the easiest vocal performances as well (without having to rely on backing tapes like Turn Up The Radio). Would be interesting if she did either of them on the next tour. I also blame Celebration
  11. The version done at the US and France shows was way too similar to the DWT arrangement. Performance wise it stayed the same but at least the sample made it sound different. She has not performed the song since then (except the Miley mashup), makes one wonder because she cannot reinvent it musically or conceptually...
  12. Same here, it's just a non-event to me compared to Impressive Instant or Paradise. The live version is a lot better though thanks to the different vocals.
  13. The live version is amazing, a very simple performance but works perfectly!
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