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  1. Other than Blood Diamonds there is no lesser on the album, everyone is a hitmaker.
  2. I like Borderline as well, like most of her rock versions (Material Girl & Human Nature were really pointless though). The way I see it, The Girlie Show and Sticky & Sweet Tour are her most "reinvention-heavy" shows with Confessions Tour as a close third. Blond Ambition Tour was mostly about the Shep Pettibone remixes made into live versions, Drowned World Tour was almost exclusively new songs. Re-Invention Tour, MDNA Tour & Rebel Heart Tour have the majority of the hits resembling their original forms with a couple of rearrangements like Deeper And Deeper RIT, Like A Virgin Waltz MDNAT and Dress You Up RHT.
  3. HavenHigh

    Manila February 24

    Who's That Girl & Take A Bow together is the best setlist ever!
  4. HavenHigh

    Hong Kong February 18

    It's quite a simple and basic song, isn't it? That acapella yesterday really made it seem like that. Surprised she even skipped Take A Bow tonight!
  5. HavenHigh

    Bring Back the Medley

    It's probably an exhausting number for her by now + Take A Bow is a vocally challenging song I guess.
  6. HavenHigh

    Hong Kong February 17

    Absolutely amazing. Sounds like Drowned World Tour!
  7. HavenHigh

    Appreciate: Into the Groove (Reinvention Tour)

    ^Really? I always thought she just dragged herself through the BAT version, kinda foreshadowing how she would get tired of the song! Love the RIT version, one of the true highlights of the show, fantastic choreography and arrangement, one of Stuart's best in fact, because you can hear the original version in it but still sounds fresh and new somehow. Too bad for the lame costume.
  8. HavenHigh

    Tokyo - February 13

    Not counting Manchester, surely this is the shortest version of the show yet? Don't Tell Me is so brief...
  9. HavenHigh

    Tokyo - February 13

    That or The Power Of Good-Bye!
  10. Hung Up as a surprise slow/acoustic/ballad whatever song? Hope not, Crazy For You is a better choice as it hasn't been done in a decade.
  11. Since when is Diplo the "main producer" of Rebel Heart? Avicii and his entourage got more credit than Diplo...
  12. Wasn't Stuart Price a DJ and are Timbaland/Danja/Timberlake or The Neptunes DJs? What about Kanye West or Billboard?
  13. And last night I thought she wouldn't do a surprise song that was never on tour. Thank God how wrong I was, Take A Bow is LIFE!
  14. Oh I know, it was not possible to make the poll like that, just wanted to point it out. Iconic has 5 producers credited though so we can't guess whose involvement was the most important. I don't think Avicii is actually the main producer on those songs, he's just the big name unlike Magnus Lidehall or Carl Falk, it's not like Messiah sounds like your typical Avicii song.
  15. Pretty sure Diplo & Meckseper are responsible for the music, doubtful they only contributed lyrics. There is also the Ryan Tedder ghost-producing theory (though he might have co-produced The Queen with The-Dream and that's why he was mentioned in the press release).