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  1. Other than Blood Diamonds there is no lesser on the album, everyone is a hitmaker.
  2. Since when is Diplo the "main producer" of Rebel Heart? Avicii and his entourage got more credit than Diplo...
  3. Wasn't Stuart Price a DJ and are Timbaland/Danja/Timberlake or The Neptunes DJs? What about Kanye West or Billboard?
  4. Oh I know, it was not possible to make the poll like that, just wanted to point it out. Iconic has 5 producers credited though so we can't guess whose involvement was the most important. I don't think Avicii is actually the main producer on those songs, he's just the big name unlike Magnus Lidehall or Carl Falk, it's not like Messiah sounds like your typical Avicii song.
  5. Pretty sure Diplo & Meckseper are responsible for the music, doubtful they only contributed lyrics. There is also the Ryan Tedder ghost-producing theory (though he might have co-produced The Queen with The-Dream and that's why he was mentioned in the press release).
  6. Kanye West easily. There were a lot more people involved than those though, see HeartBreakCity or Iconic. All of the tracks were Avicii was given credit were done by Carl Falk etc, anyone's guess how big Avicii's actual involvement was...
  7. ^S&ST ended in September 2009, same month when Celebration came out. They waited 6 months with the DVD release even though the broadcast had already happened before, it was most likely a contractual thing. Plus they might have known already Madonna would not release anything new for 2 years!
  8. Erm yes, it was, hence why I posted it... http://www.madonnatribe.com/decade/2013/ghv20-2/
  9. Love it! I think it has a great flow, not entirely chronological but not completely random! I don't miss the ballads as it would have been way too slow, the only changes I would have made are replacing What It Feels Like For A Girl with American Pie since the former was not a proper hit and the album version wasn't even used in the video and maybe the Don't Cry For Me Argentina remix to have even less slow moments but that's all. The original tracklist sucked, putting all the faster songs in the first half and make the second half into Something To Remember part two...
  10. Same here, tour of life! Devil Wouldn't Recognize You is EVERYTHING!
  11. There's nothing urban in that campfire guitar-like album version, Illuminati has nothing to do with Avicii as it's a Toby Gad/MoZella track and like I said Wash All Over Me still sounds like one of the demos done by Avicii & co. Plus Messiah & HeartBreakCity also remain mainly unchanged from the demos and Avicii is credited for both alongside nearly a dozen of people...
  12. But Avicii's tracks did not become urban at all. Isn't the album version of Rebel Heart almost identical to one of the demos? There was also a piano version of Wash All Over Me that sounds similar to Kanye West/Mike Dean version. DJ Dahi & Blood Diamonds barely changed Devil Pray, mostly that post-chorus bit with weird vocals. It's not like any of the album versions sound completely different to what Avicii did! Plus Avicii gets a lot of credit from the fans while the tracks related to him were co-written and co-produced by a slew of other people like Carl Falk so let's not act like he wa
  13. Back in the day the Confessions Tour version got a lot of dirt, comparing it to a Kylie performance and stuff. I liked it back then but the S&ST version makes it reductive.
  14. Why would she hate him, several of his songs are in the show...
  15. I don't buy the "no time to finish it" theory as it obviously could have been added at later shows. Most of it was probably scrapped or something.
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