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  1. It’s her name on the album, it’s her tour and her brand. M has never lost sight of that. She has a true artistic vision for these songs and albums, so obviously without her there’s nothing, and our lives are drab and depressing. So thank you Madonna. Natural creativity and years of industry experience created Madame X.
  2. Same for me. I only need to be in the mood to listen to music, and MX contains exceptional music. When I don’t have earphones in these songs are still playing in my head. The tour having a heavy MX focus excites me.
  3. MX has one of her best tracklistings. When you’ve listened to the album endlessly for weeks like me the work of art becomes engrained into your soul. As if it’s always been apart of her catalogue, and it came out around the time of Erotica or one of her other earlier albums. The consistency of the MX songs and indeed that of RH is incredible. I’ve said this a lot but it can never not be repeated enough.
  4. Very well said. Madame X has been heaven for me as basically an exclusive Madonna music listener. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. If her voice graces a song, there’s going to be value of whatever’s going on. And that’s the same for this track.
  5. This is a 9/10 album for me, no doubt about it. Crave, Crazy and Come Alive as filler? Hell no. They’re Madonna magic.
  6. The song describes my feelings about Madonna too.
  7. Exactly. She has so much expectation on her and she always delivers something amazing.
  8. I have been devoting a fair amount of time to this song and I agree with the quoted posts above. This is a hidden gem and I find value in every single Madame X track. There is no such thing as a bad song on this album. Time is only showing just how much Madonna nailed it. The beats and the chorus repetition is damn catchy.
  9. Absolutely. Crave, Crazy, Come Alive and Extreme Occident is my favorite run of songs.
  10. There’s nothing like her voice. This song is one of my favourites, because it’s so heartfelt. “I came from the mid west” is something that hits my soul. A pure Madonna lyric right there.
  11. I’m really happy where Madonna is in her career. Rebel Heart and Madame X are her last two albums. WOW. Any artist would die to have just those two in their catalogue. These albums just enrich an already amazing career for Madonna.
  12. Yep. It’s a different type of album and that’s why I like it.
  13. Easily one of the better songs because it’s a natural anthem.
  14. Love it. Give this dog a bone and a tennis ball.
  15. I just want to see Madonna on TV or at an event. Something.
  16. Yep. Crazy has been that way for me lately. But all of the songs have that quality for me depending on my mood.
  17. I’ve had this song in my head especially for the past two weeks.
  18. Very true. It’s amazing to think of everything she’s done over the years. What a career.
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