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  1. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2015/02/27/madonna-with-rebel-heart-on-sleeve/23889591/?hootPostID=558af240c812d515fc7ccdf04071f91c USA TODAY REVIEW (***1/2 out of four; does this count for metacritic?
  2. Could this affect RH first week? BREAKING NEWS Effective immediately in all iTunes stores worldwide, pre-orders will no longer impact an album's first day chart rank. Its position will be based on the album's performance that day and albums will need to climb up the charts the same way a non-pre-order album would. This also applies to Instant Grat tracks -- the tracks that download immediately when an album is pre-ordered. Note that pre-order albums can still chart prior to release, but on release day, only new sales and "Complete My Album" sales will impact the album's chart position. On the Instant Grat front, tracks sold à la carte will count towards the Top Songs chart, but tracks delivered as part of the pre-order will not -- they're considered part of the album sale. This logic also applies to Single track pre-orders. The update essentially resolves the issue of albums being counted twice in iTunes' charts: once at the time of pre-order and once at the time of fulfillment. As such, it's a more accurate representation of user behavior. Soundscan charts are not affected -- pre-orders still count towards first-week sales there -- and pre-orders are still a valuable way to direct your fans to a point-of-purchase as soon as they hear about your music.
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