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  1. to me it is difficult, for you it can be much easier yes. choosing the best and worst is natural. it's not about negativity. ohh this discussion is not childish? ok, if you don't want, you don't. That was only an offer. but If you do not like what I said, you can't qualify that it is a "Dumbest". that's just my bag.
  2. If someone is doing good songs, they can do bad ones too. so what? I think most of you are shallow and superficial.
  3. I found this from tumblr. Oh rebel heart BAD /GOOD NEWS?Some say 84 tracks have leaked (with multiple versions of some tracks). Found this : "From what I know it’s 47+ tracks that are making the round. That includes multiple version of several songs. The acoustic demos are the earliest demos (demo 1). The 24 demos that have leaked are all in pretty early stages meaning those are demos 1-2. There are three demos of Wash All Over Me that I know of. Demo 1 is acoustic, demo 2 is the one we have and demo 3 is a more polished version of demo 2. There are also 5 versions of Rebel Heart. Demo
  4. and please. After this, we must choose the worst Madonna song (: It ll be very difficult.
  5. what do you think about this? I hope, it ll be top. Charts[edit] Chart (2014) Peak position France (SNEP)[21] 50 Spain (PROMUSICAE)[22] 21
  6. Now, we see "Ghosttown"... ----- "We're gonna shine like gold............in this mad mad world "
  7. Guys, you know madonna said that half of these won't be on the album. So 1. Rebel Heart 2. Living For Love 3. Unapologetic Bitch 4. Bitch I'm Madonna 5. Messiah 6. Devil Prays 7. Wash all over me will be for sure. from the most commonly used in hashtag and interwievs. and we can add borrowed time and joan of arc. she used and shared photo for once. and total we have more than half??? oh my I couldn't see "Addicted" too. She never used and talked about it. "definitely ll be on album" as Madonnarama said.
  8. Yes, somethings coming over again. That bad feeling. If it leaks we must help to guy oseary to eliminate the link.
  9. 1 - Beautiful Killer 2 - Best Friend 3 - Gang Bang 4 - Superstar 5 - I'm a sinner
  10. yes. mariah carey did like this. her album was ready for a year. then ----> check her album results from wiki.
  11. She says, ”Ocak-Şubat gibi beni çağırdılar. Sahne almamı istiyorlar. Bunu burada ilk defa söylüyorum.” "They called me for January-February. They want me to take on stage. I say this for the first time"
  12. !!!!Hello guys, I think this is important!!!! You know Madonna met with Didem(belly-dancer) at Ibiza. And Didem said last week, "Madonna called me again to take to the stage on January-February" http://madonnaturkiye.com/oryantal-didem-madonna-beni-tekrar-cagirdi.html
  13. G_O_N_E_, madonnarama liked very much "The One That Got Away"(Addicted). Anybody talks about that song but I'm really curious about this? You know something? ll be on album?
  14. DrownedMadonna: "Leak is very early demo of Rebel Heart" and we can think that officially one ll be good than this.
  15. ------------- I can't be realistic 1 - Vogue 2 - Like a prayer 3 - Papa don’t preach 4 - Open your heart 5 - Express yourself ------------- I can't be realistic **************************** close to reality part ***************************** 6 - Ray of light 7 - Human nature 8 - Justify my love 9 - Erotica 10 - Hung up 11 – Borderline 12 - La isla bonita 13 - Like a virgin 14 – Holiday 15 - Live to tell 16 – Lucky Star 17 - Rain 18 - Drowned world 19 - Mer girl 20 - Bad girl 21 - Nothing really matters 22 - Deeper and deeper 23 - Hollywood 24 - Music 25 - Take a b
  16. this is similar to William Orbit's one.. https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/sg-remix
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