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  1. Please don’t let it be TIDAL! Very well known to Madonna’s fan base...
  2. Who confirmed Madame X as the album title? Source? Or just pure speculation?
  3. If the album is basically done, and the album is coming out in summer, now knowing that her creative team is in Lisbon, could we be expecting a (sort of) visual album? I don’t think she’d be sitting on it for nothing!
  4. Honestly guys, I do not know how can anyone (who knows anything about the real Hillary) who stands up for anti-war, freedom, equality and anti-corruption really support her. It is obviously evident that it's a total media blackout concerning Hillary's dark past. Are you all aware of what you are supporting? Do you know her past? Don't turn a blind eye. I'll gladly refresh your memory, I can even write an essay for her unforgivable crimes.
  5. Does anybody know who that fucking cowboy was at the Early Entry? He was at the heart stage... He was such a dick he wouldn't want to take the damn hat down so a couple of us couldn't see half the entire stage.
  6. Did anyone get their Early Entry email???
  7. Can someone make a thread about the concert in Prague?
  8. Did anybody get their Prague Early Entry ticket?
  9. so after we get mail, we have an HoUR to pay for it????????????? and i can't do it with credit card apparently? so if they send me an email when my bank is closed i can just sit and cry? is that it?
  10. 6 hours later, and still no email... i'm going to go insane
  11. To those who received email when they reserved early entry, how long did you wait until you got email with directions to buy tickets? I'm waiting more than 4 hours now.....................
  12. what the hell? whats golden circle???? theres no golden circle in prague ((((((((((
  13. ^ty. did you get yours that way? is that normal process?? i'm not sure if i'm supposed to wait more than half an hour
  14. anyone got early entry for prague? i just got this email Dear Customer, thank you for your order. In the shortest possible time we will contact you with payment information. your order VIP package:Early entry nothing else ((
  15. Guys I need help, Is the LivePass connected to a certain Madonna.com account or can I use with a different account?
  16. I need some info about live pass, and ticketmaster afterwards, so this Q is for people who bought tickets for last week presale, using live pass: Is it necessary to buy ticket with the same credit card you used to buy live pass, on the ticketmaster or wherever you're being transferred to buy tickets, when presale starts?
  17. thanks, i'll try sending them an e-mail. Early entry is 250 euros, that's what I've heard, but I hope it means that I don't have to spend the night in front of the Arena to enter lol. that's the main reason why i'm buying it
  18. guys, can anyone help me with live pass, i can't even get past that i'm trying to buy but is just says The charge authorization was declined. i have like 700 euros on that card, i changed to EUR on the https://madonna.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Tour2015.woa/9/wo/zCGmyOkWyxiPz9lPXFppe0/ trying to get it so i can get early entry for Prague any ideas?? edit: i just calleed my bank and they said that card is okay, no problems, i have money on, but they dont recieve andy requests from sites for transactions... like the site won't let me, and i triplechecked card number etc. anyone has similar problem???
  19. I'll be celebrating my birthday. What are the chances?! :smiley:
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