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  1. So where has it been sent already ? The only confirmation I know was through Universal Music France but it is apparently getting play around Europe, South Africa, Australia, everywhere but the US. I don't think it will have much impact anywhere if the drug references are all taken out.
  2. Wonderful ! It's also having a positive cross over effect with a lot of former or even non-fans commenting that they are discovering older videos and concert footage for the first time, coming from BIM. Hope she doesn't release anything more before the tour to interrupt the momentum. lol
  3. I thought it was a vocoder, at least going by the wiki page, which is actually a specific effect. It is autotune that is the plug in for vocal correction.
  4. The Ghosttown video is only now getting renewed life as a cross effect of the BIM controversy. Even long time fans are finding it for the first time. She needs to give what is already out a chance to find an audience before adding anything more to an already mixed up situation.   
  5. I think she probably secretly admires M's work ethic and not close to retirement dedication but the whole ageism controversy has also given Sandra a legitimate opening to question the motivations of a workaholic in a way that actually sounds very reasonable and feeds into the meme of what a lot of people are already debating. Can't imagine the conversation if the two ever do meet face to face again, though. lol
  6. Is this a verified account ? It seems there are a few fake/fan ones out there ?
  7. Agreed these different producers were brought in after the system hacks and the illness of Avicii last summer. There obviously wasn't enough time to change everything around after coming back from vacation in January so when she talks about vacillating between versions that most likely works out to a choice between those tracks with a 'final demo' ready to go after the leaks and the reworked album version.
  8. It isn't like there is worldwide appreciation for the human rights of gays either. But I think she is venting from personal experience the nearly complete lack of social sanction against criticizing women, especially older women, for expressing their sexuality compared with the much more discrete discrimination against blacks and gays.
  9. Probably because Madonna understands more about being unfairly tried and convicted under false pretenses than any of us can imagine. As Tyson says in his one man show "Undisputed Truth"--"I did a lot of (worse) things I should have been arrested for, but wasn't, and was arrested for something I did not do." This was the one thing he did NOT do.
  10. Madonna has talked herself in these interviews about being reluctant to take security measures and how sucky it is not to be able to play loud music at photoshoots, etc. so I agree blaming him for not spilling the beans while there is (presumably) an ongoing investigation is a bit much. It matters totally what goes on behind the scenes and in the end she is the boss. We have no idea what Guy has been counseling in 2000, now or anywhere in between.
  11. It seems like there was a major re-write since these lyrics don't mention the "Matrix" line they talked about in the Interview mag piece. But there are also complaints from the supposed co-writers of Ghosttown so I have no idea. It could be a simple mistake from rushing everything to Itunes.
  12. Katy Perry may still have feelings for him so I hope not...besides being bad for a professional relationship and business in general. She has thrown a few minor tantrums on instagram lately, though. Probably if something happened which caused the album being delayed, or full on conflicts with management...who knows really.
  13. I doubt also she would be showcasing all this work with Diplo if it were back to the drawing board with another producer ???
  14. I wouldn't mind if he and M worked on something behind the scenes, although he clearly comes at the music from a completely different perspective and being seen as a collaborator or even friendly towards her in public would be the kiss of death from his own core fans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariel_Pink Pink's solo tours have generally been met with much negativity, primarily because his music was never intended to be performed live for commercial audiences.[16] As he explained to LA Weekly:[17] “ People boo me everywhere...They don't even hide their contempt. I'm used to it now...Hey, I'm giving audiences the real thing...For better or worse, I'm out there, and those are the circumstances. People don't like it when it seems like you don't know what's happening, or I'm getting bummed out with certain aspects and I can't hide it. I think people feel that pain and just think it's bad.
  15. He sounds like a typical indie/hipster type with little respect for the serious professionalism needed to break into a mainstream genre, although there may have been a song being sent in anonymously or otherwise discreet contact with the other side. Plus, the music may be incredible for all I know....that outsider ethos preventing it being heard is a shame really but even Diplo is having trouble with his base for taking up a relationship with Madonna.
  16. At least she let us in on it a month ago but screwing with the chronology and honestly we have no idea when, or even if, they were used in real time.
  17. I don't think Madonna regrets taking up with Guy, and wouldn't sing about it 15 years later even if she did, but the rest of the lyrics and the style of its presentation could hold the secret of the story...
  18. From the Billboard article, he is only continuing work on his own album.
  19. Could have to do with Avicii and those recurrent serious health issues forcing a cut back in non essential projects ? Or, who knows, perhaps new faces are still coming and she is still recording.... http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/code/6273842/avicii-health-interview-the-days
  20. I thought he said the the production was finished to the point of putting the last minute touches on a final mix ? And the IG photos are not necessarily in chronological order so we really have no idea when the various elements occurred in real time. I don't much care actually as long as they are taking time to make sure the tones and takes sound perfectly balanced and that they are worthy of a final recording.
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