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  1. Only the question of who is the ruler. ISIS has to be strong enough to take out Assad but the not given enough support to overthrow the Saudi leadership too. It is a balancing act. There is no difference ideologically.
  2. These prices are bankrupting the Saudis as well if this goes on much longer. But without a doubt it is hurting small independent shale producers in the US that were a big part of the energy boom leading us out of recession. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do as ethical, responsible consumers to avoid supporting terrorism besides driving less. It's nearly impossible to determine where a particular service station gets its gasoline because crude oil that is refined is traded among a range of companies on the global market by its grade, not source....and in any case oil from Angola or Russia or Venezuela or wherever could be even worse than from the Middle East.
  3. If this Shiekh actually called for the violent overthrow of the government, and I don’t know that to be true, then he had to know what was coming. Hopefully the US will resist taking sides because if Middle East oil fields burn, of course this only makes the American and other stable regions of domestic oil more valuable — unfortunate at the gas pump but lower supply means higher prices for American producers. The ultimate revenge on both our "friends" the Saudis and Iran who both want to keep oil prices artificially low to hurt the United States.
  4. Madonna has had her personal issues with him. But Trump has also very interestingly been a longtime close family friend and business associate of the Casares family in Miami, even going so far to refer to Ingrid as a "visionary thinker" . I wonder if that will carry any weight with M :?
  5. How is Obama going about his business ? By promising to grant executive amnesty to illegal immigrants that spawned a rush of Central Americans to our borders. When they had their asylum claims adjudicated through the legal system and proceeded to disappear instead of following orders to return they can't be forcibly turned back without huge controversy. The people in question here have had their day in court and been asked to leave the country. What's the problem? It is total enforcement theater. Except that they will no doubt flee again now that the locations of these 'raids' have been purposefully publicized in advance.
  6. I agree. These incidences against Muslims started to spike after the Paris and California terrorist attacks, nothing to do with Trump unless he was responsible for the increase after 9/11 as well.
  7. Fate or not ? At least the night played brilliantly for Donald Trump...as soon as he sold the pageant it suffered without his sure hand, and even totally went off the rails. . I also agree with his suggestion of making the two ladies share the award.
  8. Cruz should also be winning by a landslide picking up almost every big endorsement in an evangelical state that selected Santorum and Huckabee the last two times but Trump is still getting far bigger crowds, so who knows ? If Trump wins fair and square and is still denied the nomination even non supporters are not going to stand by and watch a theft which gives him pretty much unstoppable momentum against both Hillary and the Republican establishment. He is preferable to Cruz in temperament and ideology but still a living, breathing PR nightmare. If Cruz wins in Iowa, and it’s very iffy, he will win by the skin of his teeth.IMO.
  9. Definitely. And they haven't even been forced to deal with all that nasty Clinton baggage yet. The media and political establishment are losing control and losing their minds in the process....
  10. He is definitely the most "pro-gay" candidate of all the Republicans, not for gay marriage (today) but supports amending the Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation non-discrimination. Open any of his books to a random page and there are about four good ideas and four bad ones. All I know is that if Trump truly wants to be President than he needs to start talking in a more smart, precise way. He does not have to pull any punches. But the bombast is starting to obscure important, salient points like the United States might need a TEMPORARY pause in handling refugees and visitors of certain sects from certain from Muslim countries until a better system is in place for separating out the good from those radical elements who wish to do us harm.
  11. The ultimate victory for terrorists would be for free countries to delegitimaze political speech against Muslims for the aim of criminizaliing it. But whether you agree with Hillary doubling down on political correctness or not, Jerry Falwell is also not the one being investigated by the FBI for disseminating classified information in an official capacity from an unsecured private server which is pretty much the definition of treason and espionage. Glass houses and stones and all that....
  12. Hillary is basically applying the old “the woman brought the rape on herself by dressing provocatively” concept to the Republicans who are denouncing radical Islam. According to her demagoguery, anyone who disagrees with her and speaks out about Islamic atrocities are somehow PROVOKING Muslims to jihad, and therefore it is the Republicans who are responsible and thereby guilty of these acts. It is despicable, dishonest rhetoric. As she said once herself I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration. I am 1000% against Falwell (Jr & Sr)'s politics but the Constitution protects even so-called hate speech and it is absolutely within his right to cry, spew, spout and declare what he wants about guns, the 2nd Amendment and Muslims without being accused of treason. As it is hers,
  13. Just watched the interview on This Morning with George Stephanopoulos and Hillary actually used the phrase "providing aid and comfort to ISIS" in describing Jerry Falwell's comments against Muslims, which amount to an accusation of treason after he suggested students get concealed carry permits so they could prevent the next San Bernadino from happening. Unbelievable. So apparently the First Amendment doesn't apply if you are talking about Muslims badly ??? Not only is Clinton defying the Constitution, but she is LYING to do it. The only explanation I can come up with is that she is campaigning and clearly foresees the charges of treason from the FBI against her. If you can criminalize criticism of Islam, it isn't that farfetched to suggest you can criminalize criticism of the Clintons and the Democratic party as a whole.
  14. It is like the cover on his new book Crippled America which was deliberately posed as angry and dissatisfied as possible but underneath it all he is about to burst out laughing.
  15. They had enough hardware to kill hundreds, Maybe they just went rogue. Or as an American he could choose his own targets . The site itself might not have had great propaganda value but the hardware, know how and international connections were in place to kill hundreds (as well as a remote controlled explosive device that luckily didn't detonate).
  16. I hope your sister is alright, there was a mass shooting at a Supermarket near me a few years ago so I know the horrible feeling all too well. Nothing like this of course but enough.
  17. It looks like this was domestic/international terrorism....
  18. Just for the record, Trump ALWAYS does that spastic thing, and makes that identical face when he is ridiculing dishonest or stupid people. It is a style of ridicule that gets tiring after a while admittedly but.when it refers to a liberal reporter caught in a lie denying his 2001 story on Arabs/Muslims celebrating after 9/11 (which the FBI has also corroborated) someone obviously realized that Trump could be maliciously framed by it.
  19. There were arrests and at least a few dozen celebrators in the Jersey City/Patterson area according to witnesses. But Trump does have an amazing ability for seeing what never happened. There is even a plaque on his golf course at Lowe's Island honoring a major Civil War battle that there is absolutely zero documentary or archaeological evidence ever occurred. Of course the historians weren't there so how could they know any better than him, right ? This piece of real estate is just too valuable for nothing to have gone down on it because I say it should. Trump exaggerating or embellishing, or even making up, the truth is nothing to be surprised about anymore. “Many great American soldiers, both of the North and South, died at this spot. The casualties were so great that the water would turn red and thus became known as ‘The River of Blood.’ It is my great honor to have preserved this important section of the Potomac River!” Nice sentiment, small problem: there apparently was no such battle. The man is an ignorant boor.
  20. And if they can't find work maybe they can go back to fighting which will only exacerbate the conflict. . OTOH Canada is only taking 10,000 refugees this year and most candidates for resettlement are referred through the UN which identifies legitimate refugees with the greatest needs such as women and children, those with medical needs, and survivors of violence and torture. Sadly, there are more than enough of these people who face serious threats to their physical security due to political opinion or belonging to a minority group and there is absolutely nothing wrong with prioritizing the saving of lives over single men who simply need a job or relationship counseling.
  21. It isn't hard to claim asylum from any country into the West if there is proof of sexual discrimination or abuse, even the Canadian government has identified gay men, children, religious minorities and women facing sexual violence as being in particular peril among Syrian refugees. But now that one of the Paris attackers is thought to be gay it is going to complicate things and probably run afoul of Canadian anti discrimination laws. http://nypost.com/2015/11/22/missing-paris-attacker-loved-gay-bars-and-playstation/
  22. Single straight men are fleeing because they don't want to be conscripted into the Syrian army and forced to fight (most likely), not for economic or humanitarian reasons.
  23. I listen to the patriarch of the Catholic Church in Syria when he urges the international community to find a political solution to restore peace and mutual understanding, as well as freedom of religion and expression in Syria, but that is about it. Patriarch-Younan:-IS-cannot-be-defeated-with-air-raids,-the-West-has-betrayed-Christians-35909.html http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Patriarch-Younan:-IS-cannot-be-defeated-with-air-raids,-the-West-has-betrayed-Christians-35909.html
  24. It's not only Bombings as air support for local rebels on the ground (Syrian, Iranian, Lebanese, Jordanian etc) have been the only way ISIS strongholds have fallen. And most of the Muslim world wants them gone as much as Americans. It isn't a US vs. Russia and the rest of the world thing, although by supporting 'moderate' opposition to the Syrian government the United States is probably helping ISIS to some extent. When Russia ends the civil war, Obama has promised to join them in the fight against ISIS. In Iraq I think the situation is probably a little clearer. :/
  25. It's just so much more difficult to get accurate information in Africa, everything from lack of infrastructure to witnesses running for their lives to local officials that don't investigate truthfully and would rather talk about Western atrocities because that is more convenient (less dangerous) for them.
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