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  1. It is not just conservatives anymore. Even Pelosi is edging away from Sanders because Dems need the rich to win as well as the middle class. And when you have lost the queen of wanting to increase taxes and expand the power of the federal government you know you are pretty much standing on the battle field all alone.
  2. Before you go dumping any more on the Republicans, as of now even House Democrats have distanced themselves from Sanders and his platform of massive tax increases (probably Clinton's also...). On the delegate thing, there could be razor thin distinctions between pledged or committed or whatever Superdelegates that would allow them to change candidates later if Hillary becomes too toxic or to reflect actual vote totals and align more closely with voter preferences. Hopefully.
  3. It is still hard for me to see a viable path for Sanders even to the nomination. Although one thing that may boost his chances would be Bloomberg going Independent. if that happens, it would kill Hillary but especially with the right running mate and outreach to minorities Bernie could leverage a certain benefit in the mind of the average person from running against two billionaires. There are definitely still too many unknowns after two states.
  4. The legislators were trying to strengthen animal cruelty laws designed to keep pets out of the hands of animal abusers but because the bills were linked had to leave in old, unenforceable language criminalizing sodomy to get it passed. There needs to be a measure striking all unconstitutional laws from the books basically so nothing is singled out and everyone can go ballistic together.
  5. There is no real question that Hillary violated security protocols, repeatedly, and depending on what top secret info was on the server and how often it was hacked a strong case to be made that she put lives in danger by doing so. Lesser members of the intelligence community really have gone to jail for similar offenses. Her hope now is for pure political immunity, making herself too big to prosecute by sewing up the Democratic presidential nomination. Her highest priority is to reassure nervous Democrat voters and power brokers that she’ll survive the email scandal, which I am starting to doubt. The negotiating over her nomination at the convention should be quite interesting.
  6. For one thing because we are already 19 trillion in record debt (more than 45 trillion in unfunded mandates) which is going to require funding from other tax sources or borrowing . that not even Democrats are going to propose doubling that for a bunch of free programs that most Americans don't even want and would never consider voting into effect.
  7. Yeah but this is from a reliably liberal columnist for The Washington Post which is a generally left leaning paper (although maybe less so since Jeff Bezos bought it a couple years ago).There is also other stuff coming out on CNN that the White House is "terrified" Hillary is blowing up her campaign for not releasing the transcripts of Wall Street speeches etc. We'll see soon enough how much is temporary panic over Sanders and how much is the establishment waking up and slowly starting to get it.
  8. A draft Joe Biden column in the MSM : first time I've had the pleasure this election season. By a liberal editorial writer no less. The comments were running 90% against Hillary, not so surprising when her supporters don't have a leg to stand on...it's just that Biden isn't the answer either. There simply isn't enough time for him to compete, especially with his electoral handicaps. Biden needed to start a year ago just to have a chance -- when the email story first broke. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/clinton-email-scandal-why-it-might-be-time-for-democrats-to-draft-joe-biden/2016/02/05/cd69dfea-cc18-11e5-a7b2-5a2f824b02c9_story.html
  9. The Democrats have really backed themselves into a corner this time and unfortunately it is too late for another candidate to get into the primary race, which means another candidate will have to come out of the convention, or after. There are probably rules that allow a switch in cases of health or death, but I don't think the rules allow a switch because "our candidate might lose." If that happens, they are dead in the water. Even the most hapless Republican candidate will win in a walk. How are the Dems going to convince independents to vote for a candidate that even their own supporters didn't get a chance to vote for ? So I think most likely, Hillary wins the nomination. She gets SC and the southern states, probably NY and most of the midwest and, eventually, Bernie fades. But her poll numbers for the general will be terrible, and the powers that be in the party will be looking for a way to get rid of her, if they aren't already planning that.
  10. But the concession speech was very gracious and humble. The first time that he didn't mention the word "poll"
  11. I don't know...that was supposed to be how Romney would win in 2008 also....
  12. Hillary isn't inevitable for sure particularly if her legal issues heat up but when Bernie can't win outright with all the white liberal college kids in Iowa, there are only a few states left that are going to be possible for him.
  13. Hopefully it will be faster for the GOP since they actually have a secret ballot for the first time this year. Which if anything would seem to be a secret advantage for Trump if people don't have to voice their preference out loud in a normal caucus format. We should have a good idea which candidates will benefit once we get a good idea as to the turnout.
  14. Both candidates are spectacularly bad. I suspect that the bulk of Democratic voters will stay home. If the voter turnout is, say, fifty percent less than in the past, will the party rethink who they run? Or will they blame the weather?
  15. I wouldn't mind many of his proposed programs if there was aggressive oversight and the right people were in charge. But the right people are NEVER in charge :in fact I doubt they exist. And on a cheerier note, voting results will come up quick after the Iowa Caucus (it's 2016 not 2012 -- no more waiting two weeks for accurate results ) Microsoft has a cloud based voting system keeping track of votes. Tablets Android, Window, Ipad with Microsoft Apps and cloud software are involved Go to this link and look for the video in the middle of the page and watch it. http://www.bustle.com/articles/138617-what-time-will-iowa-caucus-results-be-out-microsofts-new-technology-will-streamline-the-process I think this sounds like a good system
  16. I’d take a guess that the hundreds of FBI agents on this case are now aiming it at the Clinton Foundation and looking at donations, timing, and what favors were promised. If any of these classified reports went into the Clinton Foundation server....who read them....who shared them....and did any foreign contributors get the information. Hillary and her aides most likely didn't go to the end of the earth to resist State Department suggestions to use an official email address for the thrill of it. Trump may have had to deal with the mob to get anything done in the 1980's NYC construction industry but at least he has never been accused of breaking any laws.
  17. The point is that Clinton didn't know, or hasn't said in her defense that she know, whether it contained classified information or not and that is beside the point of whether she gave the order to have a header unlawfully altered. Hillary didn't tell Sullivan to remove the classified information from the talking points. If everything was unclassified it likely wouldn't have been so urgent, wouldn't have been marked as classified and wouldn't have been attempted to send for several hours over a secure fax. Two Inspectors General I believe flagged email that contained highly classified info on the North Korean nuclear program and Iran nuclear talks from the moment they were generated, either "top secret" or "secret." And that was before the "top secret" dump which should have been unambiguously ascertained as classified. It was her duty as the nation's chief diplomat with a top security clearance to assess and recognize classified information regardless of official markings.If she was incapable of that basic responsibility than don't do anything dodgy over an unsecured server that was no doubt hacked on numerous occasions. Reuters in an independent review found dozens that were classified "secret" at the time. So that is an ongoing dispute. Just as her email assertions continue to change over time.It is a moot point in any case if there is any document Clinton signed acknowledging that negligent handling of classified information, whether marked or unmarked, could seriously jeopardize national security. To never deal overtly with sensitive information she was obviously well aware of the importance of classified markings and had ordered her aides to defeat that system. Which is why any rank and file member of the intelligence community would have been shown the door immediately after having been suspected of mishandling sensitive information.They would be in prison, heavily fined and been barred from ever receiving a security clearance again.
  18. Well, that is her story to the one cover up email that drawn scrutiny so far -- that she needed the talking points ASAP and was convinced the sender wouldn't do anything reckless. But whether Sullivan sent the email or not is irrelevant. The fact that Hillary, as SoS, instructed him to remove the headers of a classified message and send it unclassified is a Felony. Period. “This is another instance where what is common practice — I need information, I had some points I had to make and I was waiting for a secure fax that could give me the whole picture, but oftentimes there is a lot of information that isn’t at all classified,” Clinton said Sunday on "Face the Nation." “So whatever information can be appropriately transmitted unclassified often was. That’s true for every agency in the government and everybody that does business with the government. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/09/us/hillary-clinton-email-state-department.html?_r=0 On a Friday morning in June 2011, after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had waited more than 12 hours for a set of talking points to be sent to her, a top aide told her the delay was because staff members were having problems sending faxes that would be secure from probing eyes. “If they can’t, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” Mrs. Clinton responded in an email released early Friday by the State Department, one of about 3,000 newly released pages of Mrs. Clinton’s emails during her time as secretary of state. Of those, 66 documents contained classified information. The note she sent to the top aide, Jacob J. Sullivan, instructing him how to strip sensitive material of official markings and send it in a “nonsecure” way is heavily redacted, so it is unknown what the talking points were about. Obstruction of justice, Making false statements, Destruction of evidence, Disclosure of classified information, Classified information on a nonsecured server...Clinton has violated all of these statutes numerous times, just based on the publicly available facts and her public statements. There should be an indictment with several hundred counts coming from the Justice Department. Her national security obligation under the law is to properly handle all classified material, marked or unmarked She knew the rules. She swore to follow them. And now she's pretending those rules didn't exist.
  19. Did she not notice never giving or receiving classified emails ? Guilty of being an incompetent moron or asleep on the job ? Hillary is responsible for her aides that she recruited into this hairbrained scheme not to mention there are emails showing her own explicit active criminal intent to circumvent the law. She may not be prosecuted, that is a political decision, but there is going to be a recommendation for her indictment.
  20. Not exactly. The early emails also show her aides resisting, wondering why this is necessary and generally making a "big deal" about it, they are Democrats right ? Obviously they were forced into the endeavor against their original will. And now the White House. Cutting and pasting from secured servers to email is extremely difficult so someone went to a huge amount of effort and risk to themselves to pull off a circumvention of Obama policy and federal reporting requirements. Fortunately the FBI cares whether the US intelligence system survives, and it will not if the big shots know they can compromise intel for their mere convenience at the cost of a few fined or jailed fall guy aides.
  21. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-35446455 It's about time the White House started throwing her under the bus. Any one of us lowly minions would have been in prison months ago for these violations. Literally. Hillary Clinton's unsecured home server contained more than a dozen emails deemed "top secret"- one of the highest levels of classification in the US government, the White House has said.
  22. That is the way Trump talks also (being in the construction industry) so they may get along better than you think.
  23. Who can help but love that badass face ?? ...and so racist and bigoted here, isn't he?? Not a Machavellian super genius but the more you see Trump in action he is obviously nobody's fool.
  24. Is that from a European paper ? It is crazy. Overthrow the existing political order ? Really ? Bernie maybe. The Republicans are all typical politicians, constantly changing positions and talking about making deals with the opposition. Cruz is the closest we have to an extreme right winger who thinks they have all the answers but quasi fascist ?? I don't think so. And his fellow candidates are liberal Republicans or highly centrist on most issues.
  25. House Democrats are also running away from Bernie and his agenda of massive tax increases so there will be gridlock either way with Sanders in office. There just isn't going to be a huge increase in federal programs when more Americans see government as the problem and are un-fond of politicians every year.
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