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  1. please don't. Roger Friedman looks like Michelle Budd compared to these assholes. you have no idea how much they hate her.
  2. I wonder if it's not Madonna's voice vocoded like at the beginning of Music for instance, but anyway, I absolutely adore it ♥
  3. oh, wait no, if it has those "shout" it must be the final version. I noticed those "shout" are present in almost all the songs. I don't understand the real purpose but I like it
  4. so, you think it's M making those "sex noises" in SEX and Holy Water? I was hoping it could be Natalia Kills maybe but it just sounds as it was taken from a cheap porn... and is it Britney who sings the "and as fake as your tits" part in Trust No Bitch?
  5. but no one will know that while listening to the album, it just makes her sound retarded (and I'm not talking about the lyrics )
  6. oh ok so, what's the general consensus as of yet? it's kinda awful, no? I really don't understand where these things leak, I never manage to find it. I don't know how you all do to ear it within seconds, I suppose it's thanks to twitter or FB
  7. as she has so many great songs available, a clever idea would be to offer special editions with different bonuses in each country (like the japan, canadian or FNAC versions) but unfortunately, that will never happen...
  8. to what's inside this review, there are a lot of details left unnoticed. for instance, regarding VVV :
  9. and I suppose those who like 4 Minutes will probably love the new VVV instrumentation
  10. Johnnox album review was posted in this very thread, I'm just commenting it. deal with it.
  11. it's strange how no one seems to wanna reveal the (kinda lame) "surprise" at the end of Holy Water, like there is some secret embargo about it
  12. from what I understand, he will publish his "official" article later. This is just a review of the listening party to share his first feelings about the album.
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