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  1. :comp: "#ComingSoon" the only thing we know for certain at this point based on her instagram posts in the last several months. she could be alluding to the following three things: 1. when the album will drop, 2. the album's title and/or the lead single. everything else at this point is just speculation.
  2. remember when she would dedicate her albums to someone in the credits section, who do u think this next album should be dedicated to?
  3. @ YannBouch title for the next album bahahahhahaha!!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  4. classic example of someone trying to sell something by dropping Madonna's name
  5. who cares about radio playing her songs... her albums sell well and her tours sell out
  6. where is dick brother Christopher?
  7. I hope she does another show in Quebec City. her only show there was magical last time around
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