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  1. Yeah but even before u started using the MDNASkin line ur face was already all of the things u listed above. I remember.
  2. They also mentioned that thorgyThor turned down the offer to be an extra and a few other queens that I can’t remember rn
  3. Willam and Alaska said it on their podcast. Willam specifically said “they gooped her”. They basically said it was not worth it for Monét to have left the haters roast. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/s11e1-whatcha-unpackin/id1408740329?i=1000431198422&mt=2
  4. I think he’s mistaken them for the rol demos that just recently started leaking a couple of days ago. Can u please ask him?
  5. It roughly translates to: “Confirmed! Madonna and Maluma prefer uncut men” JK
  6. Go on... You’ve got my full attention, what else was in his inbox re: Madonna.
  7. I had no idea he was shady towards M. What did milk do/say? I’m not a big Milk fan/follower really.
  8. Yes Detox loves M. as does Manila Luzon and of course Venus D-Lite. I’m sure there is a slew of them that adore M that aren’t coming to mind right now.
  9. Which other drag race queens are in the video? It can’t only be Monét.
  10. Annita and her music are completely irrelevant in Canada. Never heard of her before this thread and her music is certainly not played in the gay bars. #nuncaAnita She’s using this Madonna colab to gain relevance in non Hispanophone and non Portuguese speaking countries.
  11. Even during her peak years she had no fucks to give. She’s always done her own thing.
  12. This is exactly what I need in my life from M right now. i really hope this is truthful, thx for posting it Nikki.
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