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  1. Me trying to be funny Yes, they are amazing. He sells out on YouTube Can u put all this info to use to figure out how long #soon means in her mind please.
  2. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/03/see-first-super-worm-moon-on-spring-equinox-in-19-years/
  3. Well nobody ever expected her to win the SuperBowl back in 2012 but she still did. Don’t underestimate her.
  4. How does that translate into selling albums and tour tickets though!?!?!
  5. For lead single... Ghosttown > living for love L4L could’ve been a great third or forth single.
  6. Please share the George Michael stories. I’d also love to hear the Beyoncé gossip as well.
  7. I’ll be streaming this time round as I did for rebel heart but... I’m getting one physical copy of each format she puts out. Including CD, vinyl, cassette, 8-track tape ...whatever... #takemymoney
  8. I wish she would go on Jimmy Fallon and just sing an oldie but goodie again like she did with borderline. Maybe this time she can sing cherish or something that has been completely neglected in past tour setlists. It would really make the wait a little less harsh. It would help breakup it up.
  9. Melissa ethridge has a great back catalogue though. She’s responsible for So many hits back in the day. I wouldn’t mind seeing her live,
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