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  1. Jitterbug

    New Album Means New Tour

    I'm dying for the album. I want it now
  2. Jitterbug

    Michael Jackson

    If still alive, his albums probably would sell decently but his singles would be massive flops in today’s day and age. Kinda like Madonna. Shame as he was supposed to be here today. He died only 50, should have died around 70-80. I wish his death took place in 2019 instead of 2009 (course I rather he be alive).
  3. I feel 2016 was one of the worst year for music ever. Actually, I think it was pretty bad from 2013-2016. Started to improve in 2017 with many good stuff and it’s contiuned to improve in 2018.
  4. I mostly discover old school music.
  5. Not really, these days I CBF catching up and updating with everything new. I love to stick to the music from the 2000s and very early 2010s.
  6. I really like the Spanish sections. They often end up as one of my fave parts of the show
  7. Jitterbug

    Blond Ambition Japan or Nice concert film?

    Hate her hair in Nice. Love the Yokohoma ponytails.
  8. I stream my music most of the time on Spotify premium when i'm out or laying in bed too lazy to go over to my computer. When i'm on my comp, i listen to all my music either on my iTunes library or youtube (hate free spotify). I buy cds only sometimes so that i can rip it onto my iTunes as i don't really buy digital files from iTunes (only things i can't get physically), and as nostalgia that i remember seeing on the new release shelves as a young kid. I rarely buy vinyls as i don't have a vinyl player and they are too bulky for me as they take up too much space and inconvenient to take everywhere. Most of my cds, I buy them once, look at them, rip them then to put them in storage boxes never to be looked or touched again. I have hundreds and hundreds all packed away and I'm tempted to get rid of them but don't think i can. I have very little use for all of them as they just take too much space, gathers up dust and does nothing all day, possibly only useful as backups in case i lose my iTunes files.
  9. No more religious/catholic themes or dancing nuns etc. She's done them to death already and we already have enough of them in the past couple of tours. I want something new and refreshing, nothing recycled. She's done tours without catholic themes before like Drowned World yet the show still turns out good.
  10. Jitterbug

    New Album Means New Tour

    Hoping it's an arena tour and hope it comes to OZ or Singapore.
  11. Jitterbug


    Love Drake ❤️ Want to see him live one day. His albums and singers are full of bangers.
  12. *Sob* I wished we had gotten this. That would have been an epic moment on the Confessions Tour. Just imagined if she resuses the exact same idea and decided to include how high interlude with this exact video as a treat for the fans *drools*
  13. Jitterbug

    Add one song: VT setlist

    Same. Large majority of us don’t even have a vhs player (a working one anyways) anymore.
  14. Jitterbug

    Blond Ambition Japan or Nice concert film?

    Japan! The ponytails all the way.
  15. Jitterbug

    Troye Sivan

    Apparently he was bullied. Plus what’s worse is he’s from my city and I know people that have known him in person before he was famous. So he seems like a local act here.
  16. Jitterbug

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

  17. I cud see how high with a similar video to the sorry remix interlude. Didn’t know about the climbing in heels. Would have been epic.
  18. Jitterbug

    Add one song: VT setlist

    Physical Attraction and Stay. Why can’t it be a 15 track setlist?
  19. Jitterbug

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    MDna. Only seen RHT twice in Sydney but still prefer to vote for MDNA.
  20. Thief of hearts would have been nice as part of gangbang on mdna.
  21. Jitterbug

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Left me wanting more. I like it but don’t think it’s one of her best, despite supporting one of her best albums ever
  22. It was amazing seeing her so close. Couldn’t believe I was seeing her live in person. Had s very close view of her during second show, even though I couldn’t get into the show as much as I did on the first show with seats on the first level tier side view.