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  1. The good thing is there are also many gay friendly churches and muslims out there
  2. UK and Ireland look so beautiful from pics I've seen online
  3. I don't get how ppl are voting for liberals. Don't people want a higher standard of living? We surely don't have as many millionaires living in OZ as compared to US surely..
  4. Very dissappointed. Was hoping for Labour.
  5. I don’t hate christianity or christians but i hate those people who shove their views in other people’s faces, forcing everyone to convert.
  6. Not exactly because there are quotes that say something along the lines of if you kill an innocent person then it is as if you killed the entire population and doing evil to solve an evil is forbidden to.
  7. Misinterpretation of the Qaran. Shame because a great majority of Muslims do not support this, in fact, are angry because they are using their names to make them look bad.. I was on Bourke Street very recently before it happened and they did it in front of one of my fave JB stores in Melbourne I'm glad the attacker is dead but am very scared about his wife being free. They should keep their religion in Syria instead of targeting and shoving down other people's faces.
  8. Push the ceiling ;) 

  9. I have nothing against Muslims and their religion but they should just go and practice their religion without forcing their views on everyone else. They don't realise the Quran prohibits the killing of innocent people.
  10. Isis claims responsibility for everything. Even if there was an incident like a bank robbery or something they will just claim responsibility to make themselves look powerful. They probably have no involvement in half the things they claimed to be in. Shame about the priest though.
  11. I'm starting to suspect maybe it's not actually the Aus people that get a say but instead they are putting on a vote just for show but knew they were going to pick Liberals all along. Just a conspiracy since I don't know who in the right minds would be supporting of GST hikes and privatised services.
  12. Why on earth do people keep voting for Liberals? It's like people in Australia are supportive of privatised medicare, uni fee hikes and GST hikes. I'm very concerned for the minds of the Australian people hence I've lost interest in Aus politics. This is all just a joke..
  13. I just hope it's not Pauline Hanson. She so racist and even mentioned 98% of Australians don't like Halal meat. Excuse me?
  14. The one that bothers me is if she really believes in God and follows Kaballah, why on earth is she singing songs like Holy Water and Devil Pray? Unless she believes in a different God then it's something I don't understand.
  15. I don't want Liberals raising my uni fees up so I will pick Labour.
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