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  1. Just too lighten up the mood... This would perfectly summarize a Hillary Clinton loss...
  2. I just couldn't stand shoveling all that snow.
  3. CNN has not called Florida yet but it's clear that he won it already.
  4. The media went too far in painting him as the devil that it backfired. People tuned out. I'm stunned at how well he's doing. Stunned.
  5. Oh, I googled it. Gross That Marina... No wonder Gaga was besties with her.
  6. They are making lots of money from a tight race. Romney vs. Obama was tight according to polls... until it wasn't. You hit the nail on the head.
  7. But aren't we supposed to think that drugs are cool and that we all are free to do whatever we want??? Meanwhile, a drug epidemic is devastating certain parts of America. Drug producers and dealers are criminals but fighting only the "offer" and not the "demand" isn't going to stop this tragedy.
  8. London City Airport was evacuated on Friday after a number of passengers reported feeling unwell, police said. Reports of a chemical incident sent three fire engines and "a range of specialist appliances" to the scene, the London Fire Brigade said in a statement. Officials said the cause of the incident is unknown. "The airport has been evacuated as precaution," London's Metropolitan Police said. The city's ambulance service said it was treating 26 patients at the scene for difficulty breathing. Two patients were taken to the hospital, the service said.
  9. Problem is... why have all these people waited until now? The GP will look at this and think it's opportunistic whether it is true or not. The media in America is going nuts on him and I fear that it may backfire because it just fuels his claim that this whole process is rigged. Yep, supporting your candidate when your job is to report the news will only give strength to your opponents argument.
  10. There are three other candidates running. People forget that.
  11. I love this nutjob! The Gargoyle Lady gives me life! I love this forum!
  12. OMG!!!! Best thing to come out of this campaign so far by miles!!! Look at Hill shimmy and Doofus's swag! Who would've thought that they can dance better than GagisKhanโ„ข, Queen of Mongolia??? Thanks for brightening up my day. Hump for President!
  13. Media in America has been covering since before it hit Haiti. Don't know about the rest of the world tho.
  14. What is the reason Syria and ISIS are where they are today? Wasn't the premature American withdrawal from Iraq largely to blame? Who was responsible for that? Oh, but Bush shouldn't have gone there to begin with... yeah, of course, Bush is just as guilty, if not more so. Bottom line is both Presidents faltered. And it may be too late to anything now. This person made an appropriate comparison in my opinion: "Does a surgeon simply walk out of a room when they've accidentally cut a major vein to the heart and say "its somebody else's problem now?" Obviously not. Should the United Stat
  15. Sorry to interrupt but the void was Obama's fault. The Repubs were more than happy to have a billion troops there. Bush is to blame for going there to begin with. #creditwhereitsdue
  16. I'm all for lighting up the mood when things get heavy but this comment says more about you than about the situation. I'll leave it at that. I can't fathom what could drive someone to do that. The total absence of compassion, of humanity... I do believe in a final judgement and these demons will have their reward. I have no more words.
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