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  1. There are three other candidates running. People forget that.
  2. I love this nutjob! The Gargoyle Lady gives me life! I love this forum!
  3. That would be catastrophic.
  4. OMG!!!! Best thing to come out of this campaign so far by miles!!! Look at Hill shimmy and Doofus's swag! Who would've thought that they can dance better than GagisKhanโ„ข, Queen of Mongolia??? Thanks for brightening up my day. Hump for President!
  5. Media in America has been covering since before it hit Haiti. Don't know about the rest of the world tho.
  6. What is the reason Syria and ISIS are where they are today? Wasn't the premature American withdrawal from Iraq largely to blame? Who was responsible for that? Oh, but Bush shouldn't have gone there to begin with... yeah, of course, Bush is just as guilty, if not more so. Bottom line is both Presidents faltered. And it may be too late to anything now. This person made an appropriate comparison in my opinion: "Does a surgeon simply walk out of a room when they've accidentally cut a major vein to the heart and say "its somebody else's problem now?" Obviously not. Should the United States have left an incredibly fragile democracy with a weak leader, ethnic tensions and unstable political environment? Obviously not. We started this mess and we need to finish it. The United States has to take responsibility. If we do not we all know what's down the line- Chaos begets chaos and a land where religious fundamentalism rules such as Afghanistan in pre-9/11 days can only beget more chaos. If we do nothing we risk another 9/11." Here's a little more about this: FRONTLINE investigates the miscalculations and mistakes behind the brutal rise of ISIS. Correspondent Martin Smith (Truth, War & Consequences; Beyond Baghdad; Private Warriors, Gangs of Iraq) reports from Iraq on how the country began coming undone after the American withdrawal and what it means for the U.S. to be fighting there again. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/rise-of-isis/#comments
  7. Sorry to interrupt but the void was Obama's fault. The Repubs were more than happy to have a billion troops there. Bush is to blame for going there to begin with. #creditwhereitsdue
  8. I'm all for lighting up the mood when things get heavy but this comment says more about you than about the situation. I'll leave it at that. I can't fathom what could drive someone to do that. The total absence of compassion, of humanity... I do believe in a final judgement and these demons will have their reward. I have no more words.
  9. There are really good things in the ACA including the pre-existing condition clause and the law is actually helping many people. But for the average person that didn't need the ACA, which was the majority of Americans, the ACA didn't help and in many cases it made things worse. And yeah, small businesses with only 15 employees are not required to provide healthcare, however, those that did now have to pay more and may not offer it in the future anymore. I know small business owners that pay an exorbitant amount of health insurance for their employees and they will not hire anymore because they can't afford to do it. So, the fact that your partner's employer even offers a plan at all is giving him an on option which he wouldn't have otherwise. I don't know if you called him an A-hole because or despite of that, but at least he offers a plan when many nowadays won't even bother. The argument is not that people have not benefited from the ACA. Its execution is what is in question. Do you know part of the reason why college education is so expensive? It's because the government subsidizes it. Capitalism is based on offer and demand, if there were no one willing to pay these extremes prices, colleges would close. Insurance carriers can increase these subsidized plans and there will be no major effect on the insured since the government will pay 70% of the costs, but guess who's making more money? You see, when the middlemen are profiting and the government is paying the bill, there's little to no incentive in improving or innovating the system. Maybe people are paying more for more. But is it more of what they needed? Or is it more of what is now mandated even if it does not apply to the majority?
  10. Bingo! The public option would be closer to socialism since the government would be running its own health insurance agency. As it is now, the government AND the public are on the hook and the big insurers are raking all the cash.
  11. Regina George in sheep's clothes. It would be socialism if the government was just re-distributing wealth but the way it works now, the big insurance companies are profiting obscenely from it. It's not 100% capitalism though because there's no market freedom, it's imposed by the government. So, yes and no.
  12. Yep, small business were hit the hardest. A lot of people are paying more for less. Of course, there are those that benefit too. The biggest winners were the insurance companies themselves. They have more people paying their premiums plus the government paying it too now and they pass the higher costs to their current customers. Insurance carriers have it made in America. Obamacare was a dream come true to them.
  13. In the end, all of you (that can vote) will either vote for Hillary or someone else but Trump. I'm all...
  14. IKR! This was Hector in these last few weeks.... in the end, it all got flushed.
  15. BTW, is anyone streaming the Opening Ceremony live? I really don't want to sit through NBC's coverage with its one hour delay and infinite commercials? How can you stream the Brazilian/Spanish/Australian/British coverage? Any help me would be very appreciated.
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