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  1. That's when she lost her virginity...
  2. This is an awesome pick! Those lyrics are so sad. I would love to hear them in an acoustic version.
  3. I ran out of time but I got 4 tracks so far... 1. Live To Tell (The album begins with "I have a tale to tell..." and she hopes she lives "to tell the secret" she's learned) 2. What It Feels Like For A Girl ("Strong inside but you don't know it. Good little girls, they never show it..." 3. Promise To Try ("Little girl, don't you forget her face, laughing away your tears when she was the one who felt all the pain...") 4. Mother & Father ("I've got to give it up, find someone to love me...")
  4. What would be your tracklist for an Unplugged Madonna album?? Since we're now waiting for the album to drop/be finished, how about waste some time imagining our own acoustic album from her majesty? The only rule is that your tracklist cannot exceed 14 tracks. ***Covers allowed***
  5. I love it too. She's going to be the cutest great-grandma ever. Can you imagine her releasing her first unplugged album in 2052 at age 94? It could be called "Unplugged since 1971" and feature the lead single D&D '52. Hope I'm still around. Single cover:
  6. G_O_N_E is... Time to move on. This thread is for Madonna's upcoming album. How about taking any new discussion about the "insiders" and subsequent "flush" to a thread in the Forums News and Suggestions area?
  7. Well... ...Ryan Tedder... ...someone else's legs.... Introducing Lil' Furry Rosebud,
  8. Just finished reading some of what happened this weekend. And it was a lot of this... By the looks of it, Kim won this one. G_O_N_E ultimately seemed to have ulterior motives. And as fun as it was to have an "insider" I have to agree that the questioning was becoming absurd. So let's move on, people! 2015 is almost here and a new album is imminent and I'm ready! Back to pizza!
  9. Can you clarify that? It makes it sound like newbies cannot demand respect. I thought respect was something that every member was entitled to have from day one. Or shall we tread newbies without respect?
  10. Two days ago this thread was all and now our G_O_N_E_D_H_I is G_O_N_E??? What did he do?? Did he use yoga fire??? WHY? I was having so much fun being possibly lied to. #prayshewastellingthetruth
  11. I would never have expected TLOL to be so well liked.
  12. I'm hoping Living For Love will make my Top 3 eventually. But for now: 1. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Love Spent 3. You Must Love Me
  13. I don't mind if she decides not to tour in 2015 in order to have four properly released singles with accompanying awesome videos and a TV performance here or there. I would prefer a tour to kick off in Australia or South America in January/February of 2016 so by the time she hits America the show will have all the extra goodies just like it did with the MDNA Tour when she added songs and little tweaks to the tracks. Plus, Europe is not doing so hot economically in general, it may be a smart move on her part to wait and build up expectations and to have new hits before touring as to entice a
  14. Me too! G_O_N_E_D_H_I has been our guru, the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance regarding this new release. Keep killing us with information.
  15. All of these tidbits make me want to blast Celebration. Come join the party! It's a celebration... Let get it started, no more hesitation!
  16. Sorry but your excitement is what is suspicious. Let's not insinuate he's a liar. We'll find out soon if he's accurate or not, no need to start the negativity. Madonna is gonna tell us about love. So, let's forget negativity, forget our problems, administration, bills and loans She wants us to go with her... BELIEVE!
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