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  1. Thanks Whoopie. Me. I'm Mnino... The Elusive Observer. ...today is the last day, that I'm using words...
  2. In what alternative world have you lived? Daft Punk's ATW was in heavy rotation on MTV right about the time when The Prodigy hit #1 in the Billboard 200 in the summer of 1997. It went to #1 in the Hot Dance Club Play charts in August but by no means it was a huge hit in America then or anytime later. "Music" was huge in American but I fail to remember any other song by any artist that had that sound that was a success in the US afterwards. DAD being the only exception since DTM and WIFLFAG don't really bring DP to mind.
  3. M is hyping this project with Instagram at least once a week. She also had two magazine covers this past month. There IS hype. Now, I can bet the album drops this year. Will a first single be released in June? Maybe. But I am getting the feeling that she's going for a timeline like Music. Single drops in August, maybe an appearance or video premiere on the VMA and the album comes out on the mid to last week of September. So people expecting a single this or next week may be a bit too eager. But to each its own. It's fun sometimes to work yourself up with expectation.
  4. I love it. It's totally "borrowing" Yazoo's classic "Situation." Very DP for sure. Don't know it it's M's. Great if it is but I won't be disappointed if it's not. Nice track. Makes me wanna sing "Move out, don't mess around. Move out, you bring me down."
  5. "Travelling... leaving logic and reason..." P.S.: AL is loved/hated by fans to this day. So, noooooo, it wasn't about the music at all....
  6. It's all about the buzz and the previous project. DAD was as successful as it was in the US because it followed the huge Music era, as it was mentioned already. With the bad buzz already circling the project and after a song that had a lot of push (DAD) but that the public in general did not embrace, it was already expected that AL would not fare as well. I also think that the whole Che Guevara inspired artwork may have misrepresented the album. A Marxist hero is a tough sell in the center of the capitalist world. So, it was a perfect storm. The music was less accessible, there was bad buzz, the timing was unfortunate, the video was pulled, her age became an issue and believe it or not, a lot of long time fans were disappointed with the DWT and GHV2. I, for one, was taken aback by all of her seemingly gratuitous aggressiveness. It didn't seem to have a reason or a target. It was like she was channeling Guy's movies but without a clear context. That is, until AL came out, and the anti-war message was obvious. Anyway, as much as it is easier to blame Clear Channel for the commercial flop that AL was in the US, it is not the what killed the album. It may have happened and if it did, it surely contributed to the outcome but definitely it was not the cause. Back to topic. I don't think it's a surefire Top 10 but it can most likely become one.
  7. She's never recording another MDNA-style album just like she has never recorded any album that was similar to a previous work. With the exception of WTG which was more like TB left overs and not a proper album; not a single album was similar to an earlier one. The woman moves along and is not keen on looking back. Are you ready to jump? Get ready to jump. Don't ever look back. Oh, baby.
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