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  1. The album HAS to be called Rebel heart, I've refered to it like that since day one
  2. Could some of the insiders tell us something about Iconic??? No one talks about that song
  3. It's actually incredible the amount of photoshoots we've had in these 2 years without even a new single out! Bazaar, Vogue, V, Interview, Versace, keep 'em coming Mrs!
  4. Does Living for love really have that reggae/dancehall vibe Diplo talked about??
  5. All of them! But mostly Living for love, Unapologetic bitch, Messiah, Joan of arc, VVV, Bitch i'm Madonna and Addicted!
  6. RH is getting such a good feedback! I hope the actual 1st single works even better with the public!
  7. At first I thought that Devil Prays would be a preachy anti drug song, but from what she said in Interview mag, sounds really good actually!
  8. Rebel heart is the epic classic anthem it promised to be! Hit hit hit! Wash all over me is such a hit also! It makes me wanna dance... But in a diferent way
  9. omggggggggggggggggggggggggg it's comming, it definetily is
  10. The melting grillz pic is amazing! I don't think it's her but it could be, you know, with that overdone lipstick. Very Marilyn Minter btw
  11. omgggg i can't listen to them right now fuckk. if it's real and it leaks full i hope it's not the first single!
  12. i wonder if all this rappers are going to be featured in actual songs on the album or just remixes?
  13. Exciting news! If his songs are in the mixing process then the other sessions must be mixed by now. Also if she actually shot the album art last week (did she died her eyebrows? i hope so!) then the album could actually come out by december!!! Btw, I'm HERE for mayor lazer-dancehall-donna. Watch out for this makes me lose my shit
  14. Yes baby, YES!!!!!!!! Sooooo happy right now, now it's definitely coming sooner or later!!!!!!!
  15. If she's shooting the album art the she better instatease us as soon as it's done
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