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  1. the font reminded me of erotica's! amazinggggg!!!!!! do the wires represent leaks?? #theories
  2. I'm listening to Living for love as we speak and WHAAAAT KIND OF HEAVEN I'M ENTERING SOMEONE PLEASE HOLD ME
  4. I really love it, but I rather it staying as a bonus track instead
  5. According to the french record store Illogicall Music, the new single premieres on radios this monday! https://www.facebook.com/illogicallmusic?fref=nf
  6. That would be smart but I don't think it's happening... It's actually a 4 disc release, remember there were 4 pillows Unapologetic, Bitch, Rebel and Heart
  7. I can't pick just 5! Rebel Heart, Wash All Over Me, Messiah, Unapologetic Bitch, Living for Love, Borrowed Time, Joan of Arc and Make The Devil Pray
  8. Living For Love! This demo has so much potential! HIT!! Unapologetic Bitch could work as 2nd or 3rd single
  9. I definitely have no self control, I just heard the whole thing... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Sorry M!
  10. Ok. I couldn't resist, I listened (only) to Living for Love YES MADONNA HELL FUCKING YESS TAKE ME TO CHURCH!!!!! MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS BORN AGAIN!!!
  11. I was doing an exam and checked the forum from my phone. OMG! 13 full songs?? I couldn't believe it!!! I love the way she commented on these new leaks. While I enjoy some snippets and little teasers (and of course RH and WAOM), I'm gonna try to stay away from these new demos. It's too much, but I'll probably end up listening to the at one point before the album's release...
  12. What happened with these lyrics? Your love's got me like super energetic down on my knees I'm feeling so magnetic but tomorrow i'll be like unsympathetic I always was the bitch thats unapologetic unapologetic unapologetic unapologetic and I'm not giving up on my crown Oh, and that snippet from the Day 1 rough demo that was like: Unapologetic... Yeah
  13. Yeah but only few people listened to them, this new ones reached more people
  14. Only 2 songs leaked in full... Rebel and Wash. Now 4 15sec snippets leaked, Unapologetic bitch, Illuminati, Joan of arc and Living for love
  15. All of this wouldn't have happened if there wasn't someone on her team doing shady shit... There wouldn't be leaks if there wasn't collectors, there wouldn't be collectors if there wasn't people close to her that sold the songs to them...
  16. FUCK ME I couldn't resist ok?? I feel blessed and filthy at the same time I'M NOT GIVING UPPPPP
  17. ok... Wait, what just happened? How can so called fans leak something to get back at M for not releasing her album when they want?
  18. a lot of snippets have been leaked but not like rebel heart and wash all over me, is more like a trading thing i think
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