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  1. It was delightful to read! I loved how she said she could perform every song with just a guitar!
  2. Everytime I stare at the cover I love it more and more! It's unique!
  3. Rebel Heart Wash All Over Me Joan of Arc Messiah S.E.X. Iconic Holy Water Trust No Bitch Borrowed Time Veni Vidi Vici Heartbreak City But I could totally see a few surprises like MCHL said
  4. Nicki has been retweeting fans ALL. FUCKING. WEEK. Miley must be wasted at some farm with The flaming lips dude
  5. My mom loved this song!!!! I hope there's at least one 90s house track more!!
  6. I imagine her walking on the city, heartbroken, couples fighting as she walks by. Then everything turns more light as we get to the "Now that it's over I'm gonna carry on". People dancing and walking behind her and with her. Women, men, old people, children, all kinds of people/dancers and even the choir, like a big Love Parade!
  7. Madonna said "13 more songs for album 13" so I don't think there are remixes involved
  8. It was 3am and I was in bed, I checked the forum on my phone and saw pud's thread and thought it was a joke. As soon as i saw the itunes screen cap I ran to turn on the pc and made myself a cup of tea...
  9. The first fanart has arrived! God bless lucasdavid and his messed-up art
  10. It's dawning down here and the sky just turn RED. I'm enjoying this beautiful view while listening to the 13th coming
  11. Living for Love is trending worldwide on twitter! Just wait until everybody wakes up to this!!!!!!!!!
  12. OMGGGGG!!!!!!! OMG @ everything happening right now! I'm blown away THANK YOU M!!!!
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