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  1. Well, Guy said he would "work on it" when I asked him if there would be printed lyrics, hope he does work on it
  2. He said that the acceptance of gay marriage was "a move from the devil" when the equal marriage law in Argentina was approved in 2010
  3. I always thought that the sounds on Ghosttown were intentional, like the record sound at the beginning of Erotica
  4. All of those rumours are amazing !! If half the album are unheard songs the we'll have like about 50 songs from this era if all of the other demos leak!
  5. mmm, i find it hard to believe that the album and 1st single would have the same cover
  6. If Arianne is not styling her on the video, the Steven klein is definitely not directing it. He was tagged by her in those pics of fashion desings that are now obviously not for the video... So maybe it's safe to assume they're doing a photoshoot together soon?
  7. omg she looks so good on the cover, I never get tired of it
  8. They're doing something now, the 7, 9, 14, 15 and 19 tracks are gone?? wtf
  9. I imagine the super deluxe edition is something like this: Edit: How could I forget about the Royal Box??
  10. the Offer nissim and Djemba ones are the best ones! But nothing beats the original version so far (except maybe for dubtronic's extended?) Come on M! Give me diplo, skrillex, avicii, disclosure, blood diamonds! you know you can do it!
  11. Grammy night. The ceremony begins. All the lights are off. A choir begins to sing "Living for love, I'm living for love...", as they finish this line, a dark figure rises on the stage, the lights go on and Madonna looks at the audience, confident. She's wearing a white corset, a red cape and a big crown. She puts the microphone right in front of the mouth. Everybody's expectant, she opens her mouth and says "I'm talking, I'm talking... I believe in the power of love". She performs her forgotten hit "Rescue Me" instead of her new single, shocking the world once again. As soon as her performance finishes, a giant screen shows "The Queen Of Pop world Tour 2015. Tickets on sale NOW". The internet explodes. The day after, "Recue Me: The reworked hits collection" is on sale on iTunes and a video for Rescue Me directed by Ray Caesar is up on youtube. The Rebel Heart album is scrapped and the released tracks are deleted from the internet.
  12. This version would soung SOOOO GOOD live!! Madonna seriously needs to do a fan remix contest, fans is where the talent's at!
  13. Looove it!!! I showed it to a friend and she loved it too! She said M should do a similar version for the live performances
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