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  1. "Raw meat" made me think of necrophilia and listening to this song will never be the same lol
  2. I didn't like Autotune Baby much... I was expecting a crazy diplo song but it disapointed me. The new LFL demo is great but the weakest of the 3 versions imo. I hope all of the LFL demos leak, it's awesome to hear all the different things they tried in each version
  3. The only leak I want to listen is LFL demo 2 and La Isla Bonita dubplate... but they're nowhere to be found -Shame!
  4. Maybe miley/drake/M recorded a song together... Hmmm she talked about working on "something" with her last year
  5. these are single covers using the same picture on maxi singles for the same song so it's not the same... but at this point I don't care that much about the pink LFL cover
  6. didn't 4 minutes video leak before release? Songs leak easily since a lot of people have them prior to the release (the artist and its team, radios, itunes, etc) but the videos now are premiered only on youtube so less people see it and when they were premiered on tv even less people could put their hands on them, I guess
  7. it's already out there, so no one will be able to stop it. only thing that can be done now is keeping from spreading to the public by reporting as much people as posible to Guy
  8. I don't want anything to leak!!!! I don't care if it leaks a week before release (it's usual) but please we're just 6 weeks from the release!!! be fucking patient!!!! this damn leakers can't keep it to themselves???
  9. this year's theme sounds like it could be a lot more fun than last year! Hope she attends
  10. ^It really feels like it's going to be BIG! As for the secret show (If it's M/M related) I hope someone records it! A secret show like Between the bars at the ArtForFreedom premiere would be cool
  11. they say Ellen wants her to go to HER show and perform. I hope she goes, ellen is always great
  12. #1 Living For Love #2 Devil Pray #3 Ghosttown #4 Unapologetic Bitch #5 Bitch Im Madonna #6 Illuminati It goes without a saying tha I love all of them
  13. that screencap gives me mid-90s madonna vibes omg i hope it's real
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