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  1. wow, 84 songs? where did you get the information? an these new titles?
  2. I mean, there's not even release date for the album, maybe April, 4 months before we have 6 songs already! It's the half album, if the leaks contines we'll have the fucking 40 demos by january, so there will no suprise, no hype, i respect the madonna's work and I will not hear anything until madonna decides it's time
  3. If i was madonna I would cancel the release of the album and would direct another film, someone is killing all her work, this is terrible for M
  4. How is the final version of "heartbreak city? Dance or ballad? Ok, i just read it xD, but there was a dance version right? You've heard?
  5. Madonnachile is a crummy market from what i've heard, but if you think the forum is at risk because of GONE, just block him, maybe GONE is autorized by Madonna's camp to create hype, maybe is an impostor or even a leaker, I don't know but i enjoy a lot with his details, if it depended of madonna's camp we would die without news until one month before the album release, and sorry for my shitty english
  6. GONE was the first and i think it's the only one we can trust (i don't trust in Autotunebaby or borrowedtime, I see nothing wrong with he answer our questions about songs, and I think he has not done any deals or intentions to leak anything. no more dramas please, I do not post much but I've been reading the forum for months and this last 3 days have been super-exciting
  7. I have a question that no one has asked before, GONE, are you related with Anna Henstridge?, just kidding, now the real question, how is the final version of Heartbreak city? would make the cut? Dance or ballad? Tell us about Beautiful Scars and Addicted/The one that got away too! thanks!
  8. Ok, I will repeat my question to GONE, any posibilities that madonna will perform on th grammys with new single?
  9. I do not think any fan can enter in the madonna's server as she said in 2012 in the graham norton show, it is much easier that someone close to her steal the demos and put on sale
  10. Exactly but, how they obtain these demos? Because one or more of the people that work with madonna are betraying her over and over again, the same think happen with the pics outtakes, but she do nothing to find the responsible for those thiefts, i mean, she does not learn the lesson with candy shop and beat goes and neither with Gmayl, she is madonna, the greatest artist of all time, that's the reason for what i can think thag is all a marketing strategy, and sorry for my bad english
  11. How you know that? You've read it on some forum? I mean, come on, all the fucking album is circulating 4 months before the release? This is terrible, What kind of professionals (bastards) has madonna around her?
  12. Now be serious, is madonna behind of these leaks and its all a marketing trick, or someone is stealing every single time her demos┬┐ I can't understand that this is happening again, she should organize a witches hunt!
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