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  1. Toby Gad and Blood Diamonds, and whoever did UB. I want these people involved in her next album. And of course, M herself for Hold Tight!
  2. It's the music and production, rather than the lyrics, that give me that sad feeling. I would feel it was sad even if it was an instrumental. The lyrics just add the context.
  3. The WAOM demo gave me a hopeful feeling. The different production in the album version brings an incredibly melancholy feeling, and of resignation to one's fate, even though the lyrics are the same as the demo. It's beautiful, but to me very sad.
  4. Besides JOA, I think the saddest song on RH is WAOM (album version), which doesn't have the word "dark". But I agree the songs reflect a period of sadness and self-doubt that she must have gone through when writing them.
  5. I see nothing wrong with well-written songs with classic, timeless melodies. Edgy and trendy is also great. Rebel Heart has a good balance of both.
  6. The venue looked really full, but I wonder why it doesn't say 'sold out' on madonna.com ? Starting with this year's dates, it mostly says 'show ended' instead of 'sold out'
  7. Frozen, from a different angle and closer. I'm still mesmerized by this performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upsN6uqgyI4
  8. This was the best audience interaction of all the shows so far. She's ready for that stand-up tour now!
  9. Is that in America?? lol This was def the funniest UB section so far!!
  10. Frozen sounds incredible. I could listen to it, this specific performance, all day. Wow, she really brought it yesterday!
  11. AM New York is the free / giveaway version of Newsday, who gave JOA an honorable mention on their year-end list. They also placed Rebel Heart at #11 on their 2015 album list. JOA: http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/music/kendrick-lamar-rihanna-songs-among-the-best-of-2015-1.11280456 RH album: http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/music/best-albums-of-2015-1.10156232
  12. Even the fans who hate on GMAYL / MDNA album love the MDNA Tour. And the GMAYL perf was one of the highlights of the MDNA Tour. Ergo.... But I do agree with KalamazooJay's main point, I think M may have lost some fans in the MDNA era. But I think it was more to do with the late start times and political speeches on the tour than anything else. And as great as it was, I think there was a kind of coldness to the album/tour. By contrast, Rebel Heart, esp the tour, is very warm and almost intimate, which is why I think it connects more with the fans.
  13. ^^True, I'm just being selfish https://www.periscope.tv/w/1ZkKzBedAoeKv
  14. part of frozen: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAY1yZ6TXJI/ I wish the periscopes didn't stop at the best parts
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