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  1. Yes she performed Loving For Love and of I recall correctly, Ghosttown too.
  2. Ha. good work, this was like me in Sainsbury's, they had Madonna at number 7 and Bruce at 1 so I swapped them around. The Blonde deluxe cover can be bought in HMV on CD, I snapped it up on Saturday.
  3. I doubt it's a repeat of Met Gala / Eurovision since she's posted videos rehearsing I Rise.
  4. I'm assuming because everyone will just want the deluxe version for the extra £1, plus the deluxe version is the format iTunes has been pushing.
  5. Sam Smith is more of a Mother's Day thing, Bruce is more Father's Day I'd say, which is the case here. Hoping those multiple formats push the album ahead.
  6. I thought the deluxe version was the true standard version as that's the one which has been getting the reviews etc. I read the standard version is a contractual thing?
  7. I watched the Harry Smith interview in awe on how much she's looking like Dita this era.
  8. I wasn't too sure when I first heard this, but it really is great, it could have easily been on the main album.
  9. Apparently you need to delete the purchases from your library and then add the Apple Music version , I’ve done this, as much as it pains me, but I want my streams to count.
  10. I was worried about this when I heard about it, but upon watching it just seemed like “banter” to me.
  11. Disco banger ha, I think that’s where I’ve got this word from.
  12. That’s true, the clear web store vinyl was the hot item, I do wish I got the T-Shirt bundle with the gorgeous blonde deluxe.
  13. How many editions are there of Bruce’s albums? From what I’ve seen on Instagram most Madonna fans have bought several versions of Madame X, myself included.
  14. Actually I just had a look and couldn’t find my review! You’re right, must be a delay.
  15. I stand corrected, Crave’s number have been stuck around the same mark for a while. That Katy Perry song is an instant banger.
  16. I love how her career was supposedly over after Eurovision, yet, here we are, a critically acclaimed album and a potential number 1.
  17. The Crave video has a bug on YouTube which results in the video skipping to the next song after 5 seconds when playing on smart TV, so I think this has a lot to do with those views.
  18. Wasn’t that video proven to be Funana?
  19. Who here is complaining? I loved the interview, she was true classic Madonna, which is why I love her.
  20. Watching her Insta stories from Graham Norton Q&A and seeing that guy desperately trying to get his vinyl signed and she just wouldn’t! Poor guy.
  21. Exactly, they had 2 copies, I bought 1 so just the 1 copy left until their next delivery the end of next week.
  22. I just watched the full episode, she was cute and funny through out, I thought her and Sir Ian got on quite well, natural. What’s the issue?
  23. I wasn’t expecting much from this as I find the demo a bit boring, I never manage to get through it, but I really like what they’ve done with the production on this.
  24. Thanks! i just went to Sainsbury’s and they had Madame X CD at number 7!! What kind of shade is this? I moved it to the top of course.
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