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  1. I only found out last year about how lackluster Confessions was in the US, I was really confused because it was huge in the UK and Sorry was huge everywhere I went in Europe in 2006, I couldn't imagine it being a flop because there was so much love for it in Europe especially after AL.
  2. One part of me is very excited, but another part is concerned with the number of collaborators / producers on this album. Should be interesting to know what it'll sound like
  3. American Life 5 Love Profusion 16 Nothing Fails 12 Intervention 15 Mother & Father 6
  4. Show him Blonde Ambition, it worked for me when I was 5 years old!
  5. The artwork looks quite country-esq, and Rebel Heart also gives that impression. Maybe she'll be getting the cowboy hat and boots out of her wardrobe again.
  6. I remember seeing this on MTV on a Madonna day back in 99!
  7. I was just about to say Frozen, a smash hit single with a gloomy, yet fresh atmosphere. Also the fact that 2 years later All Saints big singles Pure Shores and Black Coffee had a very similar sound, it's like it set a trend in music production.
  8. He may have incorporated country music into his dance music on a few of his songs on his album, but there are many other styles he has incorporated on that album too. Anyway, I hope it's not a country album, I don't mind one or two songs being a bit country like Don't Tell Me, but not the whole album.
  9. So SHOULD Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins and loads of other older artists be irrelevant to me? Because I started listening to these bands in my late teens / early 20s which was mid to late 2000s. It's not about how old one is, it's generally about ones taste in music.
  10. I also wondered this. And the stuff Warner has released seems very restricted, like with the studio album box set there were no new remasters post True Blue and no bonus tracks. I would love a definitive collection released one day with all single versions, b-sides, unreleased tracks compiled into a nice box set. I just hope Madonna isn't like Abba, because they wouldn't allow any deluxe treatments until recently, despite the fact the label wanted to do it years ago.
  11. Mine has to be: Physical Attraction Everybody Angel Into the Groove Where's the Party Open Your Heart Cherish Vogue Words Ray of Light Impressive Instants Jump Give It 2 Me I'm Addicted
  12. This song is very nostalgic for me, it reminds me of my summer holiday when I was 6! It's bizarre to think a couple of months later Erotica was released, that't when my mum tried to ban me from listening to her lol.
  13. I bought his album because I fell in love with him a little bit in January, so I am excited.
  14. I think I've only started appreciating this song recently. Can't stop listening to it now! It feels very nostalgic.
  15. I love KIT, LAP was the first studio album I bought by Madonna and used to listen to it all the time, it's such a feel good song, love the intro.
  16. If he can produce anything as good as "I could be the one" then I'll be happy, but I don't like Wake Me Up.
  17. I'm really excited for her next album. I'm hoping for less EDM and more sophisticated pop songs like Cherish, I'll Remember and Frozen. I can't believe Superstar was considered the new Cherish by reviewers.
  18. That would probably explain her raspy voice in songs like Till Death Do Us Part, Spanish Eyes and Supernatural. Love that voice!
  19. TDDUP is amazing, it's got that perfect magic late 80s production sound. Today has been an I'll Remember day
  20. Beautiful Stranger was a great time, it got so much airplay, VH1 and MTV played it non stop and there were so many days dedicated to Madonna around that time, with tonnes of Madonna documentaries and music video with facts. I remember all the guys in school saying how hot she was in the video, calling her a MILF. I remember finding out about her American Pie cover through a guy at school, it was a total surprise, when I got picked up by my mum at the end of school it came on the radio, I loved it, and loved the video! Bought the single on release.
  21. It's a nice ray of light throwback, but I do find it quite boring.
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