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  1. So many negative comments on social media... and we fans are not happy. Medellin would go so perfectly!!! My dear M, change your "yes" team first. Well, can't wait for the next chapter of this era!!! This is just a start! Still no video? They afraid of negative comments or copyright reasons?
  2. Absolutely agree, my words exactly
  3. I was terrified too when she was on the stage haha As a fan, of course liked it, but it's not for the ESC and it's auidience, but I liked the msg at the end
  4. NO SPOILERS PLEASE THANK YOU let's enjoyyyy
  5. Swiss, he looks like he won't handle me lol
  6. 12.45am Israel 23.45pm Paris 22.45pm London MADAME X
  7. Well you're cute Well they do few short interviews with contestants...
  8. Yes baby, candy galore and so much more. DM me when you feel nasty. Lol During the first long break, I think they will show the interview with M
  9. Around 2am Israeli time, 1am CEST, 12am London
  10. People say she'll perform around 11.55pm CEST? Isn't that too late? Lol
  11. HUBBA HUBBA I want to see teasers like this lol
  12. I remember JT was uploaded right after... So M is expected to perform around 12am CEST Paris time?
  13. I'm not listening the clips, I want to be surprised if that's possible with M's Ig IN 3 HOURS GUYS!!!! I'M SO EXCITEDD BTW guys! JT'S video was uploaded right after the show
  14. Finally, on the day of performance... where's the PR when you need them lol Dan Wootton is a fan also
  15. 9pm Paris 8pm London 10pm Tel Aviv 3pm NYC 12pm Los Angeles
  16. Spain is a truly #1 fan of this era Madame X residency for Spain!
  17. God Control is def the single with the drag queens in video
  18. I agree, remember the time when everything was so secretive haha I love the song, but I'm also surprised it's chosen for the Eurovision, she probably went for the controversial dance song in the first place (God control?), but ESC didn't like that idea... I'm sure we'll be amazed by the performance!!!
  19. Yes it has a potential def! Medellín and Future are my fav so far I'm making that intro my ringtone lol
  20. It's not better than Medellín of course, I didn't say that. You didn't get what I was trying to say, so chille . Soltera would be a bigger hit than Medellín, that doesn't mean it's a better song. It's just what general audience wants now
  21. Like the video and possitive comments! Share the video everywhere! It's such a fun track and I like what they did with M's voice cause it goes well with the song, on repeat!!!
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