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  1. Thank you for posting! Lovely interview, this is my fav Madame X look from interviews! "Now everyone wants to look like Kim Kardashian..." khm khm xD
  2. ...Or simply "I am very proud of the message that I have conveyed." Media is giving her a hard time, no wonder she responded like that. She was so annoyed she asked her children if they think he was intellegent? xD
  3. Thank you for sharing!!! Omg the question about the ESC sound and critics, I can't... Mama seemed veeeerry annoyed by that, rest of the interview looks like he took the questions from all previous interviews
  4. My fav interview from this era, no questions about Martha Graham, Madame X personas and how David took credits for Batuka xD
  5. They better prepare one big mega cool article about it
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0Y7ELCUn5o Just click on it
  7. She's the most proud of God control and the video si "gonna slay us" OH MYYY
  8. I'm watching it now, did she make a comment about God control, Killers, Faz?
  9. Plus Mensch said about I Rise video montage from Pride island
  10. Yeah you're maybe right I would go crazy if she does IDSIF
  11. @Mensch thank you for your all infos! Do you know a date for video premiere?
  12. Probably they just joked about it, fans don't wish she's booed Please Mensch tell us the 4th song xD
  13. Well fans are expecting a great setlist for one of the biggest gay events this year, it's not a hate and fans don't want her to be booed cmon now... she always had great setlist for the shows/events, always
  14. I'm dead I love AL song, but I expected we're getting God Control The other song is Human Nature? @Mensch
  15. https://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/2019/06/18/madonna-andrew-denton-eye-patch/ We still have the article xD M is watching The Handmaid's Tale!
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