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  1. SPOTIFY I Rise 02/05/2019 15,732 03/05-09/05/2019 1,680,503 (+1,664,771) 10/05/2019 1,782,754 (+102,251) SPOTIFY Crave 09/05/2019 14,349 10/05/2019 658,626 (+644,277) Thanks to beredy Crave is stuck around #27 at UK iTunes, currently #47 in US, we need that video!
  2. Faz Gostoso - Mike Dean was in the studio with them, so I believe Mike Dean is a co-producer of Faz Gostoso. Someone said DJ Tropkillaz was there also. Plus original writers Carmo, Nuno, Oliveira, Seabra, Vieira, Rodrigues & Madonna Ciccone Bitch I'm Loca - Rojas is a music producer, so I would say L. D’Elia, JAMES, Rodriguez & Rojas
  3. @Mensch sorry for bothering you with the questions, do you know anything about this Eurovision thing? Thanks 7 days till Eurovision finale...
  4. Yes I know, but hey we have 15 more songs to be excited about! I think Crave wasn't planned as a second single at the beginning and I hope it's going to do well on the radio AN OUTDOOR SCENE!!! OH MYYYYY
  5. I know, they can be very bitter sometimes Don't forget to like the video and positive comments Crave hit iTunes top 40 in US! Climbing slowly iTunes: #2 Chile #3 Dominican Republic #3 Portugal #4 Greece #6 Brazil #7 Costa Rica #10 Spain #11 France #11 Italy #13 Poland #14 Brazil #16 Czech Republic #21 Mexico #23 Finland #24 Hungary #25 United Kingdom #27 Netherlands #28 Canada #40 United States
  6. Finally some radio plays! It's early morning in US, but it's going up up Crave iTunes: #4 Greece #6 Portugal #8 Brazil #10 Spain #12 Italy #16 France #16 Netherlands #20 Czech Republic #26 United Kingdom #27 Poland #35 Mexico #36 Spain #39 Sweden #44 Denmark #46 France #49 Australia #51 Brazil #52 Austria #59 New Zealand #62 Russia #63 Switzerland #70 Germany #71 Canada #77 Norway #78 Denmark #85 United States #102 Belgium #122 Netherlands #148 Belgium #169 United Kingdom #169 Mexico #241 South Africa It's coming out probably during the next week, I believe Mensch said that Yes me too, I'm not a fan of mainstream tunes, but the chorus is catchy
  7. I can't give them a grade, they're like my babies 1. Medellín - Mirwais production , melancholic M's verses, Ven conmigo, let's take a trip takes me and throws me out to the sea and I love it lol 2. Crave - Catchy chorus, M's voice 3. I Rise - Love the lyrics, it's a good album track, the end reminds me of AL era
  8. Okay, has the catchiest chorus of all three songs, Swae Lee fits very well, vulnerability, US radio friendly, not super excited it's second single, production and vibe too mainstream, it's not quite representative of the new fresh era. I would go crazy for an acousticish version!
  9. @dubtronic thanks Are we're getting only one British Vogue cover or? This one is a masterpiece and deserves all the attention
  10. I'm afraid we can't post the links, but here's the lists: I Rise (Jasmin's Anthem) I Rise (Stormby Club Mix) I Rise (Stormby Mix Edit) - a gay coma lol I Rise (Rising Sun Remix) I Rise (Ray Isaac Remix)
  11. Yes! An outdoor scene, NYC, the beauty of simplicity and it's connected to the IG post? Today's top artists: 27 Swae Lee 3,673,203
  12. I believe @Mensch said we're getting the video during the next week!
  13. Thank you baby! I hope next 4 years will be so much fun for you https://www.helpguide.org/articles/relationships-communication/anger-management.htm/ Btw Swae Lee got #1 this year on Hot 100, so I'm ready for that top 100 entry and he's at #27 Spotify top artists worldwide
  14. Maybe they planned to release a dance single (LA drag queens video) before ESC, plus Medellin (<3) flopped on the charts, so they decided to make Crave a second single (radio friendly) and they made a video, ESC didn't like the controversial dance song so they chose Future and it's coming out one day before ESC finale, if that makes any sense... lol
  15. Omg I wish she released the visual album singing all the songs alone in the room with this look! I would die!!! Btw, what "Back that up to the beat" means? I know the meaning of back up lol but I'm not sure I get the phrase right
  16. Thank you! I wonder does she have a time to rehearse for Eurovision Yeah Bodyshop's shy trap sister lol It' 3:22 long, perfect for the radio
  17. @Mensch do you know who directed the Crave video? Are they done with the shooting or...? Thanks for the infos
  18. Why so sensitive? I'm expressing my opinion like everybody else, we have a right not to like Madonna new single. Don't come for me I've been on this Forum since day one. I'm waiting for portuguese influenced songs, this era deserves a stronger single that represents this beautiful era
  19. The first part is kinda cringy, I agree, seems like she chose this song for the second single only because Swae Lee is a big hit on the radio... I'm surprised how fans are praising this song like it's a new classic
  20. To that end, “Crave” with Swae Lee will become the de facto pop radio single upon its release, with an official music video to soon follow. Meanwhile, “Medellín” -- which received a global television launch across Viacom networks in April -- will continue being pushed in Latin markets. The decision to lead with “Medellín” instead of “Crave” came down to the belief that it was “the signature track to the body of work, and the right place to start telling the story,” says Thompson. He adds, “I think we have a good shot to get a top five club record with some [‘Medellín’] remixes, and get that song into people’s spaces that they might not anticipate.” (Madonna has notched a record 57 top five-charting hits on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart.) https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8509948/madonna-madame-x-album-campaign-rollout Madonna and Future on Eurovision, so unexpected xD let's wait and see
  21. We love her, but again we need to get real, is this a good single choice? Not really, and I'm afraid that young audience will mock her about singing through the grillz. I see Crave as a perfect song for Nicole Sherzinger or Ariana, not for the queen Madonna. I can't wait to hear portuguese stuff and Batuka ladies! I want/need that Madonna
  22. Dancer Marvin said they had two weeks of rehearsal, whole production took one month
  23. Thank you for your infos Mensch! I hope it's not gonna be Give It 2 Me 2 part 2 lol
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