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  1. Faz Gostoso is still getting the most daily-streams, over 120,000 Any news about Crave remix by Tracy Young? I've heard Crave remixes are out this Friday on Spotify?
  2. My #1 jam!!!!! It reminded me of Yeke Yeke remix from the Beach soundtrack! And I googled the singer of Yeke yeke and realised he's Guinean also like Kimi
  3. 1 God Control 2 Ciao Bella 3 Extreme Occident 4 Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta) 5 Killers Who Are Partying 6 I Don’t Search I Find 7 Medellìn (Madonna & Maluma) 8 Looking For Mercy 9 Crazy 10 Future (feat. Quavo) 11 Batuka 12 Dark Ballet 13 Bitch I’m Loca (feat. Maluma) 14 Crave (feat. Swae Lee) 15 I Rise 16 Come Alive 17 Funana 18 Back That Up to the Beat
  4. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2019/07/238160/madonna-batuka-music-video-madame-x-interview?utm_source=googlenewsstand&utm_medium=rss
  5. 01. Medellìn (Madonna & Maluma) 02. Dark Ballet 03. God Control 04. Future (feat. Quavo) 05. Batuka 06. Killers Who Are Partying 07. Crazy (...+ Come Alive is a sweet grower lol) 08. Extreme Occident 09. Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta) 10. Ciao Bella 11. I Don’t Search I Find 12. Looking For Mercy Bonus or charity single: 13. I Rise
  6. My my, thanks, feel free to give us another hint xD
  7. Me today: Mom, let me show you something shocking... My mom: Let me guess, Madonna? ❤
  8. My fav video from this era!!!! I got chills!!! Yes I agree, there are too many scenes interrupting the song, the video is focusing on a msg
  9. Medellín video premiered at 10pm CEST, 9pm London, 4pm NYC, so let's wait and see lol
  10. Thank you, we're gonna miss your infos❤ What was the time of Medellin video premiere?
  11. I'm not watching this latest trailer We need @Mensch
  12. One of my fav! What a beautiful summer song! I love M's verse! Brings me back to Yeke yeke from the Beach soundtrack
  13. A grower for me, I'm liking it more and more, kind of a neo soul Macy Gray type of a song
  14. Everytime when the song starts it reminds me of Heaven demo one of my fav
  15. Probably same as Crave, 6pm London time, 7pm Paris, 1pm NYC, Youtube
  16. I think Dark Ballet premiered at 6 am CEST, 12am ET on Apple Music/Youtube Yes!!!!! My fav video from this era already xD
  17. Crave and Medellin premiered on Wed, Dark ballet on Fri, so, very soon xD
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