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  1. I've been referring to the post by @Salman regarding so called "help" by the US that was not asked for. Such as Libya and Syria (Iraq being pre-2008). And that US "help" hasn't been very helpful over there, to say the least. The autocratic regimes there were awful, but the consequence of destroying them has arguably let to a big increase in human suffering and loss of human lives. I perceived your "sarcastic joke" about evil Obama/Hillary being gone soon and subsequent posts about no more US help to ALLIES, as a sidestep. Of course the US is THE major ally for NATO countries, basically the backbone of NATO and more. @Moka
  2. Are you sidestepping for a third time? "help" that was not asked for?
  3. I think @Salman is talking about US "help" that was not asked for. @Moka
  4. I invite you to read Django's posts again. Once you have fomented civil war from outside, or destroyed authoritarian governments and left countries in ruin, you don't get to hit an run and tell people not to ask for your "help". @Raider of the lost Ark
  5. Gutmenschen are part of the problem. I don't consider myself as one. Now what you do once you have fomented civil war from outside, is NOT HIT AND RUN, like you suggest. Maybe you can start by stopping the flow of money and weapons to nonexistent 'moderate rebels'. Lean on Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop funding Islamic State, instead of taking their money for campaigning. Maybe actually FIGHT Islamic State. Maybe lean on Islamic dictator Erdogan to fight Islamic State instead of exterminating Kurds. And thanks for the gratuitous Hitler reference. @Raider of the lost Ark
  6. Very dangerous proposition. For all the horrible things he may be responsible for, he still is the elected government of Syria. Even if by questionable means (I don't know enough about). Did you see what happened in Iraq and Libya after Sadam and Qadafi were killed? The consequences were a big increase in human suffering and loss of human lives.
  7. My apologies. Am reading this thread, didn't know she conceded yet.
  8. With the strong emotions he triggers, I was also thinking about that happening. He would need all the Secret Service protection available. It would be awful if it happened. Much better for all to change the balance in midterm elections 2018. But first, let's wait until every last vote is counted. QUESTION: Is there a possibility of a 2000 Bush-Gore scenario?
  9. Going to sleep over here in Europe. Thanks for the discussions and the company everyone.
  10. Yes. After California (55) and Texas (38), it ties with New York for most electoral votes: 29.
  11. it reminds me of Louis CK saying his family kept tolerating each other based on the slogan "fuck it!".
  12. "...the uneducated people..." I guess you're not big on bigotry either.
  13. Well, what does it say? I didn't say I believed ANYONE, not US Intel, not Assange, not Russia. My point is that it may be wise to postpone judgement regarding the SOURCE of the leak. I have missed CONTENT in all the election talk. From BOTH sides. Regarding Europe, I said many WESTERN European establishment governments were demonizing Russia. Since I'm from one of those countries, I feel more comfortable talking about them.
  14. Hungary is the only country upholding European agreements regarding borders and immigration. Through a wall. That's all I said.
  15. Of course! Me and many of my compatriots found the constant election talk wearying. I can't imagine how taxing the past months must have been in the USA!
  16. I can only speak for (parts of) Europe. I do not pretend to know enough about the US-Mexico border to say anything about it. Islamization through European borders is something that I have concerns about, because I see it negatively impacting the society I live in. I guess that aspect is not that important a factor on the US-Mexico border.
  17. You keep talking in plural? And what's with all the name calling. I don't do that to you, do I ?
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