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  1. Turning the tide? Godonna can part the Seven Seas! If a small celestial body like the Moon can already create the tide, imagine the capabilities of The Biggest Star In The Universe Right Now As We Speak…..
  2. And in 2015/16 it will be renamed "Madonna: The Thirteenth Album".
  3. Commenting on the paucity of pictures of M leaving an actual recording studio, Whoopie noted the following in the Pettibone thread: Well for COAD it was all about "K meetings" MDNA was all "gym meetings" And this era, it's all "airport meetings" featuring sit downs at PF Changs
  4. Personally, I see no convincing reasons (nor any evidence) why Madonna would go back to working with him and I hope neither does Madonna. IF she rekindles former collaborations, there's a list of people I'd prefer over Shep: Pat, Joe, Pharell, even Steve. Even more interesting to me would be new collaborators like Brian Eno or Dev Hynes.
  5. So far I think I have only seen pictures of: - M going to and from gym with Nicole Winhoffer, one time including Timor; - Madonna with Timor on what seemed like a date; - Madonna near sushi restaurant Matsuhisa accompanied by CAA movie agent Maha Dakhil. Up till now I don't think I have seen actual pictures of M entering or exiting a recording studio (including in the 2014 pictures thread). I don't question the information provided by moe. I think I just haven't seen any actual related pictures.
  6. A LOT of former producers have been talking about in recent months: Pat Leonard, William Orbit, Nile Rodgers, Shep Pettibone… Maybe they are jockeying/hoping for a place at the recording table
  7. Great news. Guy O. already mentioned in Billboard that she was eager to start with new album. But would M be able to go to a studio without being snapped by paparazzi?
  8. WOW totally mesmerized by Blood Orange/Dev Hynes! Thanks for mentioning him. Would be absolutely fascinating to hear a collab of him and Madonna…
  9. I think your description of M's recording process is on the money... …. and I also share Zdarlight's 'defence' of the Rights of Self Expression of All Madonna Myrmidons …. except where criticisms are worded as outright defamations of Madonna as an artist and/or a human being. Just my two cents….of Madonna money.
  10. Me neither. Teaming up with him doesn't sound very exciting to me. But "who knows" indeed. Whoever she hooks up with, I just hope she will *sound* INSPIRED and ADVENTUROUS!
  11. Yay! New member :-)

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