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  1. I honestly feel it's only diehards buying music anyway, the casuals just stream
  2. Why not use Spotify and help the streaming numbers?
  3. But on the other hand I LOVE Ciao Bello and Back that Up is good so I could still make a 15 track album
  4. Madame X could be one of my all time favorite albums. I have been excited about it since last year, and it has exceeded my expectations. (I only had to delete Killers and Dark Ballet!) The other albums are strange. I had no problems with any of the collaborators, in fact in each case I was excited, and then felt underwhelmed with the results. I remember playing Hard Candy a lot, but now the only song I would bother with would be Give it to Me. The same with MDNA, I would only listen to a few songs: FF, Love Spent, etc. With Rebel Heart, it might have been my top 5 if Avicii had produced the whole thing, I only listen to demos.
  5. If pitchfork won't review, is she officially irrelevant
  6. I think she should have sung in between the verses instead of so many times at the end
  7. they are back a page or two they are actually quite ridiculous
  8. Oh, and of course it was a FU to the haters of BIM (myself included) this one I like much better So now with this, ciao bella (I hadn't listened to either until yesterday), Faz Gostofo, God Control, IDSIF, this album is actually full of bops
  9. Wait that is incorrect I remember Amazon tried to get me to join a streaming service
  10. I wonder about that I bought the album on Amazon and it automatically put me on their music service. I normally use Spotify I will probably keep doing that to be safe
  11. I'm thinking those videos must be for the tour screens, like usual
  12. I think she looks great and I'm enjoying all the appearances and interviews. Ian was kind of a dick to her first because she didn't remember him from some event from 30 yrs ago
  13. I was thinking a while back, that while she has lots of euphoric songs, she doesn't have a happy to be alive song. And here is this, she literally says, sometimes I am happy!
  14. Wouldn't it be something if these hipster sites actually like it so they won't bother posting a review? I feel if they hated they would rush a poor review!
  15. MDNA and Rebel Heart were good, they were just missing that extra special something. I would have been thrilled if Avicii had produced the entire album, and MDNA had FF and LS like others have said. Plus a brilliant tour.
  16. that sounds like a backhanded compliment
  17. She might release music more often now that she can do it on her own terms. She seems to be a very prolific writer and never seems to run out of ideas
  18. I'm so glad they worked together!! I was expecting a disaster when she tweeted about the writing camps last summer. Future, Crave, Crazy, I Rise, Come Alive
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