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  1. Yes, one song with Adele could be interesting. Producers: Zedd?
  2. I like the non-deluxe MDNA cover better, that's the one I based by vote on.
  3. Here's one interview from the early 90s where she specifically mentions having an agenda (around 3 minute mark). Should be required viewing for little monsters and anyone who feels she is just now using gay rights as trying to stay relevant: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6MbrPGog1E
  4. I forgot to rank! Ray of Light Music Madonna Confessions MDNA True Blue Like a Prayer Like A Virgin Bedtime Stories American Life Erotica Hard Candy
  5. Ray of Light and Music are my favorites, by far. I LOVE the pictures inside the cover of Music, moreso than the cover itself. Hard Candy, American Life, and Erotica are flat out awful, coincidence these are her lowest selling albums? There were some really good photos during the LAP and Confessions I liked much better than the ones that appeared on the cover, but they aren't bad. I also really liked the cover of her first album, as well.
  6. That's true, but I think her marriage to Guy and her move there made her the #1 most popular artist of the last decade there. Without it, I believe she would have still been popular, but not to that level.
  7. I watch her live performances much more than her videos, or just listen to the music on its own. Lucky Star comes to mind, though.
  8. About the money, I think her marriage to Guy really helped contribute to her massive popularity in Europe/UK the last decade. So despite the money he received from her, she still may have strongly benefitted financially from the marriage overall.
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