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  1. Hello, does anyone have a HQ mp3 of this? Or any other semi-official remixes (to me, a semi-official one, is the one made with a studio acapella)? Thanks you.
  2. So, if the 5th section of the tour is a party theme, then, is it a safe bet that she'll close with BIM?
  3. I got this info from a DJ board: Complete List 1. LIVING FOR LOVE 2. DEVIL PRAY 3. GHOSTTOWN 4. UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH [EXPLICIT] 5. ILLUNINATI 6. BITCH IM MADONNA (FEATURING NICKI MINAJ) [EXPLICIT] 7. HOLD TIGHT (Ryan Tedder Mix, change of lyrics in the chorus) 8. JOAN OF ARC (upbeat but same tempo, change of lyrics in the chorus) 9. ICONIC PART 1 (FEATURING CHANCE THE RAPPER & MIKE TYSON) 10. HEARTBREAKCITY [EXPLICIT] (piano from initial mix is in, drums from recent mixes added) 11. BODY SHOP [EXPLICIT] (new mix, new beats) 12. HOLY WATER [EXPLICIT] (Yeezus version mixed with classic towards the end) 13. INSIDE OUT (new mix with new beat) 14. WASH ALL OVER ME (midtempo ballade new mix, no more dance) 15. BEST NIGHT 16. VENI VEDI VICI (FEATURING NAS) [EXPLICIT] 17. S.E.X. (new mix with new speaking part) 18. MESSIAH 19. REBEL HEART More tracks to be featured on different edition are: 20. BEAUTIFUL SCARS (new disco mix) 21. QUEEN (new song) 22. BORROWED TIME (new midtempo mix, no more dance) 23. GRAFFITI HEART (new drum&base version, extra lyrics) 24. AUTOTUNE BABY (new mix) 25. ADDICTED 26. LIVING FOR LOVE - DJEMBA DJEMBA MIX (slightly different than the released one) 27. LIVING FOR LOVE - REVISED MIX (slightly different than the released regular version) 28. JOAN OF ARC - ACOUSTIC (this is still the new version only downtempo beat) 29. ICONIC PART 2 (a different mix by Chance which will debute on the album and features more rap) How reliable is it? Anyone know. Also, is the Bit Error remix of Devil Pray official (I believe the acapella is used for this mix).
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