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  1. Have you guys tried to listen to the song being high? The ending makes u feel like you are having a conversation with God itself.
  2. You better not touch Killers or Loca from my album bitch! but i agree with the editions. there shouldn't be the standard edition with 13 tracks, the one with 15 should be the standard and the one with 18 the deluxe. the standard editions feels incomplete without the 2 marvelous songs.
  3. Sorry but anybody Who would grade this masterpiece with less than 4 stars should be prosecuted SEVERELY.
  4. Poor? Its a blast! I can see this being a hit not only in Brasil but the rest of Latin America and the mediterranean Europe such as Spain.
  5. It's the Body Shop of Madame X, the ending of the song lifts me up and leaves me such a sweet taste.
  6. Bitch I'm Loca >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>< Bitch I'm Madonna And I really like BIM, but what the actual fuck... this song
  7. Her vocals in Crazy sound sooooo good!! Such a youth and strength in her voice
  8. Indeed! A very experimental and at the same time eclectic album. It does feel like a journey around the world, with a heavier influence on latin and african sounds among others. One of her best albums I think.
  9. Come Alive is so gorgeous! It gives me such a nice vibe!
  10. OMFG!!! Bitch Im Loca!!! Faz Gostosooo!! They need to be released as singles !!
  11. wow! just watched the video! so powerful! I hope she uploads it soon! It's a must watch!
  12. Y'all need a chill pill, or a nice joint.
  13. I'm very intrigued by the scene in black and white where she runs away from something/someone. Let's see what unfolds when the 2nd single comes. I can't wait!!!
  14. Exactly. It may be easy for me since not only I love Madonna, but I also have a similar sense of humor. But i think it's quite easy to get when she's pissed and when she's joking... You don't need a university career to get it. People are too stupidtaking things so literal these days...
  15. For those who complain that the "dramatic" scenes don't fit the video, haven't you thought that this may be because this video is just part of a bigger story that will be told with the next videos? I know that cause in the end they divorce and Maluma marries me, his true and only love. Sorry loca bitches.
  16. Is it wrong to think while listening that Maluma sings to me and not to Madonna? I mean, I wanna sit in his throne and and i want him to go Detroit in me
  17. Yeah, I don't understand this way at all. I never set myself for disappointment with Madonna cause I'm always open and I don't come with my preconceptions and specific expectations. I wait till the full product is out and judge after that. 99% of the times I end up loving it all, so I truly recommend to approach not only this Madonna release but maybe EVERYTHING in life like this and maybe you all won't sound and look like hysteric and unhappy bummer jerks.
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