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  1. My section in Boston was a bunch of Boring old farts, most sat down for entire show ! MSG always the best !
  2. Will be there as well !! Sec 308, row 2 , nice front view of stage !!
  3. Oh GOD, enough with Candy Shop ! and Human Human Nature.
  4. Took me 2 days, but I finally got the email with the link for 3 full downloads /3 tix . You can foward the link to to others to dnld the cd which is cool
  5. Into the Groove Burning Up Deeper & Deeper Beautiful Stranger Jump Secret
  6. Whenever I goto the casino, I always seem to hear Borderline at some point. No music played at work unfortunately
  7. Was only a freshman in HS, doubt I even knew who she was LOL
  8. You can def tell during Celebration, she moves alot more sluggish now, LOL
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