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  1. The republicans #StopHillary video is freakin hilarious. It's laughable. It's not about the ISSUES at all. They WILL NOT win simply by attacking Hillary...... You have to campaign on the issues. Not the candidate. And besides. The woman they have playing Hillary walking out on the stage..... Has an hour glass figure almost. NOT Hillary lmao

  2. I just noticed, if you watch right after her fall the camera zooms out really far . . . I feel like those in charge of the show were panicking and were just about to fade out and cut to commercial or something when (thank god!) she started singing again. Can you imagine if she fell and they just played her out and she never got to finish her performance? That would've been DISASTROUS. Frankly we are so lucky it turned out the way it did. Yes, she fell. But she got up and gave a great performance, because afterall she's Madonna. I feel like if it were anyone else they wouldn't be able to recover that quickly (or at all).

    I would hope they cut away thinking she may have actually been seriously injured. That could have really hurt her. Broken necks happen that way
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