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  1. And it's ok. I love FG since there were rumors she was going to cover it, so... go figure out.
  2. There is no rule, but she has a great album with plenty of potential first singles to be heard and she chose Medellin.
  3. UPDATE: The story originally referred to this event as a concert, but Madonna is not set to perform. The event is to be held June 20, not June 21
  4. same here and I hope she used the snippet she posted on instagram time ago.
  5. Good for Anitta, if I remember the things about her I read here ...
  6. For those who haven't already heard them .. lol
  7. Yes, I read it too. GC was one of their favourite ( if this has some relevance for us ). KWAP has mixed reviews.
  8. Calm down.. I think only a real fan could remeber that particular episode.. many many compliments:)
  9. Is the NYT case not good enough to advertise her album?
  10. Let's see. I liked that clip since Madonna posted on instagram. It was and it is fire.. with her vocals is beyond fire.
  11. I heard it too and I like it, but the many reviewers wrote the song starts with gun shots, choir, etc and ends up with the 70's disco mood.
  12. Reviewers said there is not a disco stomper. Some said Killers who are partying is catchy. others that is not. I think we must wait the 14th june to judge.
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