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  1. Full Offer Nissim Remix. Go to about 1:15 minute mark.
  2. Power 96 in Miami spun the Tracy Young remix on the radio. https://www.instagram.com/p/BynfAX1BQij/
  3. You're welcome. I think its fun to watch and I believe her name is Annette Pizzo
  4. I found this going through my old Betamax tapes and posted it on FB and Vimeo but Wanted to share here just for fun...For those who were too young to remember here is a snapshot of teen fashion etc. in 1988. Can anyone spot Kelly Ripa? Enjoy https://vimeo.com/149930589
  5. Fuck Ageism. This song deserved to be a hit. If Katy Perry or any other "young" pop bitch out there sung this song it would have been a huge hit. Such bullshit
  6. Amusing thread. Why the fuck do people care what strangers spend their money on? If going to see Madonna 80 times makes them happy so be it. We all indulge in our own ways whether its shoes, shopping or 80 Madonna concerts,,,Who are we to judge. Worry about yourselves and not others. Live and let live for fucks sake!!!!
  7. Love the Offer mix! Best of the bunch so far for me
  8. Not being an ass or anything but do the masses really care about Adam Lambert at this point?
  9. I live in Miami and they interrupted the program for breaking news and didn't air Madonna's performance. WTF!!!!!
  10. Y100 in Miami has also spun the song today! Now that Madonna is performing on the Iheart show I'm sure there is some incentive going on for Iheart stations to play Ghosttown.
  11. Z100 just played Madonna 'Ghosttown' WOW!!! Time to start requesting Rebel hearts
  12. Well apparently Z100 dropped the song from their playlist. The last play was this past Sunday @ 12:37 am. If this is the case airplay will continue to decrease rapidly. I hope I'm wrong.
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