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  1. LDLHA for sure. I lived in Miami and they played it on all the pop stations anyway in 1985 and as far as 1987 from what I remember. They should have released it after Dress You Up in the fall of 85. They whomever that is fucked up. It would have been top 10 for sure but I suspect they might have pulled the plug due to fear of over exposure. You could not escape Madonna in 1985, her presence was felt everywhere.
  2. Anyone need a psychic reading? Call Miss Cleo!
  3. LOL! to this!!!
  4. This is a brilliant and epic idea on so many levels! Hope this actually happens. If it does I can see M being involved in this... As inauguration day draws closer, Robert Reich — the former Labor Secretary in President Bill Clinton’s administration — has taken to social media to advocate for an anti-Trump concert in Washington, D.C., during the January 20 inauguration. "Someone just suggested to me a televised ‘freedom concert’ to air at the same time as the inauguration -- with huge celebrities like Beyoncé and Jay Z, Madonna, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, and so on,” Reich wrote on Facebook. “Alec Baldwin MC’s the event, playing Trump as he does on SNL." http://www.advocate.com/politics/2016/12/21/will-madonna-katy-perry-beyonce-offer-alternative-trump-inauguration
  5. This is an old video but nonetheless very entertaining to watch. She's been flopping since 2012
  6. Well we can argue that if you count DAD that could have been the lead single off the entire AL project but I know what you mean. If that would be the case it wasnt until RH. Besides LFL would have done so much better if it wasn't leaked and released in December and i would imagine that it would have done pretty good with a radio deal and impact sales. If only the leaks wouldn't have happened!!!!
  7. Very cute song
  8. in the 80's 45's came out first then generally the 12" usually a few weeks later. There were some exceptions.
  9. I like some Rihanna songs however this is not one of them, what crap! She is so mediocre and middle of the road. Rihanna wishes she could come up with something as brilliant as Frozen visually and sonically.
  10. Does anyone know how much longer this thing will last?
  11. I don't really care for it, I prefer Edson Pride or Offer's remix for this song.
  12. Pop perfection
  13. #LOVE! Glad you're ok. xoxo
  14. Here it is mr_boogiewoogie https://www.sendspace.com/file/4mwul1
  15. Here's a wave file edit I did! I Added a little reverb and made a few minor edits. I can make it an MP3 if you want. Enjoy https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/349426937e3c1adf20d37d2b80320a5f20160525045726/208d95