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  1. Love the Offer mix! Best of the bunch so far for me
  2. Not being an ass or anything but do the masses really care about Adam Lambert at this point?
  3. I live in Miami and they interrupted the program for breaking news and didn't air Madonna's performance. WTF!!!!!
  4. Y100 in Miami has also spun the song today! Now that Madonna is performing on the Iheart show I'm sure there is some incentive going on for Iheart stations to play Ghosttown.
  5. Z100 just played Madonna 'Ghosttown' WOW!!! Time to start requesting Rebel hearts
  6. Well apparently Z100 dropped the song from their playlist. The last play was this past Sunday @ 12:37 am. If this is the case airplay will continue to decrease rapidly. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. That's correct keep in mind those numbers are for the weekend and remember most US top 40 stations have countdowns and syndicated shows during the weekend leaving less time slots avail to spin songs. Being LFL is still new to radio they will obviously choose songs that are higher on the charts due to limitations with airplay time. This might be the reason why there is a -43 spins. This week will be very telling of what will happen with LFL on US radio. The emotic of the tittle of this thread should not be at this time.
  8. LFL is #28 this week on Z100's playlist up from #47. In the top 30 on the largest most influential station in the US. Keep requesting guys. Its not over yet. Other stations will take note and hopefully start or keep spinning LFL.
  9. Z100 played this today at 12:37am EST. They have not abandoned the song. Keep requesting! All hope is not lost yet. I think this week will be very telling on what the fate of the song will be. Fingers crossed.
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