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  1. The most overrated artist of our time. I hope she flops! Her voice is weak, her lyrics are beyond basic, her music is childish. They say music is a reflection of the times, so I understand why she's so acclaim: She's the epitome of ordinary, easy to consume and understand. Doesn't require a brain to understand her message.
  2. Ke$ha

    Stunning song and video! Amazing vocals too. Love it
  3. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    So happy this cunts latest shitfest of a song is flopping. #karma
  4. Beyoncé Thread

    Anyone need a psychic reading? Call Miss Cleo!
  5. What Performance Would U.....

    The Virgin Tour: Dress You Up Who's That Girl World Tour: Into The Groove Blond Ambition Tour: Express Yourself The Girlie Show: Deeper & Deeper Drowned World Tour: Music Re-Invention Tour: Holiday Confessions Tour: Erotica S&S Tour - Frozen (2009) MDNA tour: GGW RHT- Like A Virgin (subject to change)
  6. Rebel Heart Tour press reports & reviews - PART 2

    what a shitty article! We should chime in and call this idiot out.
  7. Miami January 23

    The Miami crowd was amazing for VT, WTG, Reinvention (not the Lauderdale shows) and Confessions. Sticky felt a little disconnected crowd wise being it was in a stadium but I thought it was still amazing to see 55.000 people all in one place. The MDNA tour was the worst Madonna Miami crowd I'd ever seen, especially night #1 due to the show starting so late. I expect the RH shows to be better received than MDNA providing she isn't too late, if not the whinny's are gonna start crying again and the energy will suck.
  8. Amusing thread. Why the fuck do people care what strangers spend their money on? If going to see Madonna 80 times makes them happy so be it. We all indulge in our own ways whether its shoes, shopping or 80 Madonna concerts,,,Who are we to judge. Worry about yourselves and not others. Live and let live for fucks sake!!!!
  9. Bitch I'm Madonna Remixes are out!

    Like the Rosabel ones.
  10. Ghosttown Remixes

    Love the Offer mix! Best of the bunch so far for me
  11. Just put the fucking thing on Vevo, seriously WTF!
  12. Ghosttown video #soon

    Not being an ass or anything but do the masses really care about Adam Lambert at this point?