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  1. I've had two people in one day ask me....

    First of all how much press did she get this past January. I would have said they have either short attention spans or they dont watch or read the news. Secondly, I would have said she is not played on the radio due to her age.
  2. I snapped this pic of Leo in Miami back in Dec at the Malawi fundraiser. He showed his support and she should surely show up and support his cause.
  3. Ke$ha

    Stunning song and video! Amazing vocals too. Love it
  4. Madonna Fan on Twitter

    Exactly my point :) People always say she's a gay thing BUT she is not just that. Her appeal is broad.
  5. Madonna Fan on Twitter

    Nice to hear a straight guy praise M like this. It was touching. Music does help and heal.
  6. I just got mine but it's interesting how they officially licensed a bootleg shirt. I got the 87 bootleg shirt with the same graphics in the front and back at the show from a man selling them while we were in traffic getting out of the stadium.
  7. There have been major hackings going on. Could Two Steps showing up on ITunes be part of this: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/fbi-gives-hollywood-hacking-victims-surprising-advice-pay-ransom-1001515
  8. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    So happy this cunts latest shitfest of a song is flopping. #karma
  9. Patti LuPone trashes Madonna's acting

    694 followers!! Say no more. #Peasant
  10. Good for her. She seems like a beautiful genuine soul. I hope her career does take off
  11. It is a ridiculous comparison. Don't people realize that Eva was dead when that movie was made and that M is still alive?? There is a big difference and no point to that comparison. People are truly fucking stupid...
  12. (Slightly OT) - Karma is a bitch - O'Reilly OUT !

    Great news! He's fucking scum
  13. His response is spot on. Never say never I suppose.
  14. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    I wish they would work together again but I support M and whatever she wants to do
  15. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    And its Garbage! But anyway back on topic.