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  1. Hits where? How many over 40's artists are being played on US Radio which is much needed to make it a hit? Where would have MA reached the top 20? The song is not even worthy of being a B-side. The song flopped in the UK her strongest market and people may cite the lack of promotion as a factor in that but it was a top 10 air play hit here. The whole HC era put off many people - look at the stats in the UK it sold a 1/4 of COADF. I doubt the UK and the rest of Europe would have paid too much attention to BGO - its far too rent-a-rapper. It could have been a Hot 100 hit in the USA BECAUSE of Kanye.
  2. Madonna has always been about comercial success. She has never wanted to make edgy music that did not sell. If something did not do well she always followed it up with something more commercial ie Erotica-BS, AL-COADF-HC but that does not necessarily mean she will get the success she wants. If you look at ROL era the whole point was to make a big splash - everything was pre-planned to a pinpoint to make sure she got the commercial success she wanted. She has always known that working with the same people over and over again would be a disaster considering its not her voice that is the strong point.
  3. Promotion ca only go so far. All of the song on HC are dull, uninspiring, soulless, dry. BGO would only have been a hit because of Kanye. The problem is she went ot to make a radio friendly album and it sounded like Nelly Furtado cast offs.
  4. You keep forgetting that to chart on the US Hot 100 you need air play points. Without airplay points a big song can peak high if it has good sales but then when the sales decrease the song will tumble. Classic example Hung Up when released it shot straight into the top 10 on the hot 100 - it was a digital sales no1 for 2 weeks but when the sales. If HU had more airplay it would have peaked higher. If airplay for 4 Mins had been at HU levels it would not have got as much exposure therefore less sales. JT was the factor in getting M that much needed airplay to have a big hit.
  5. I dont know if a lot of her fans are Madonna fans to be honest. There are a lot of kids out there who like her but have probably never heard of Madonna or even Britney. Gaga's words dont mean much btw she loves Paris Hilton's record!
  6. Some of her live songs where she does not move so much have been worse than when she is dancing.
  7. According to chart rules 1 digital sale is equal to 1 CD. It does not matter what we the people think and we can argue over it all we want. People should not discriminate between CD's, casettes, records, digital sales - digital sales might be cheap but still plenty of people dont bother downloading legally. Theres no need to be snobbish about it.
  8. Not always. Not including videos it was only until 1989 when she started to move from the bubble gum pop sound and that finished in 2003.
  9. Not that ACCLAIM really matters to JT or Britney when they are the ones selling millions but even Britney has had some ACCLAIM. ACCLAIM is just an opinion and thats it. If it is ACCLAIM you want then should nt you be more on a Radiohead or Bjork forum or some other alternative ground breaking artist forum and not another commercial pop artist?
  10. Whitney was probably not part of the MTV generation because she was one of the few artisst who could actually sing so she did not have to rely on "imagery" as much.
  11. Hello, worstness.

  12. I doubt it. she wants to work with the latest biggest producer nowadays.
  13. Robbie William's anyone or titles not included?
  14. Katy Perry still has a career too! I am not sure if some of them have been regarded as the new Madonna. In reality most of them are quite different to Madonna or whatever she was at the time. In fact Christina and Mandy Moore had the less gracious title of being dubbed the "new britney's". Was nt Paula considered to be the new Janet? Taylor Dayne was never labelled a Madonna wannabe was she? Debbie and Tiffany were goody 2 shoes types at the start just like Kylie but they are generally very poppy. Kylie is a big fan of Madonna but I dont think she as ever been dubbed a new M even when she started acting all sexy. Most of the list are manufactured pop acts or wannabe rock acts in the case of Courtney and Katy Perry and Gwen. A manufactured pop act could never be the new Madonna even if they sold 5 times as much as she ever did. They will lack that rags to riches, nightclubs to huge stadiums, struggling to chart at te beginning to eventually having a massive top 10 run i major music markets internationally.
  15. At the sametime Gaga is unique in the sense that she is not a carbon copy and does things that Madonna never did. Not that Madonna was the first person ever to do some of the things she did. Gaga's art is very different.
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