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  1. +10000 I’ve been saying the 60th birthday playboy pictorial for years
  2. There was a similar case here where two pet groomers almost beat to death two puppies and other animals, they filmed themselves and the recording was made public, they were almost beat by other people, they were prosecuted and the store was shut down. This is the news so it’s not that graphic but the complete video was terrible
  3. He’s also under suspicion of teaching those African lions the secrets and joys of gay sex
  4. Well I’m happy being in the 1% Living in a material world Boys may come and boys may go And that's all right you see Experience has made me rich And now they're after me 'Cause everybody's living in a material world and I am a material girl
  5. Don’t even tell me about it, I found this to be the saddest thing ever, the time when you are supposed to be loved, safe and in the arms of your loving parents is not there and won’t be ever in this criminal cases... Why do people go to all the burden of adopting to become such monsters???
  6. The lions asked to be called Lionphile as they don’t identify with the term Gay and it’s relation to partying, shopping and vogueing... They do listen to Madonna music though...
  7. Frida is her name and Marina means Navy (forces) and yes she is
  8. Hola @Sky Fits Heaven I guess things are still very fresh in everybody’s mind, it’s all that people talk about and it’s in the news 24/7, tonight the seismic alarm went off in my university and we were evacuated, the general feeling was: oh not again please, but it was just the schools alarm and nothing happened outside, don’t know why that happened. There’s a feeling of unity in the general consciousness and Mexicans feel very united, the government and the media have been heavily exposed as very corrupt organizations, not that we didn’t know that but things were very evident with social media. They are going to demolish 1000 buildings so many families are still going to be affected. Thank u for asking.
  9. This is any tourist worst nightmare! I also perceive that there's something else going on than what this article is telling. I agree that I don't find Dubai appealing at all, what the hell are you going to do, see, experience if you don't have a million dollars to go shopping???
  10. @ThinkOfMe and other Madonnanation members be safe.
  11. I love Residente and he has a very active position against social causes through music and through action
  12. @spazz I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you ok? Sending you a big hug.
  13. I went to Egypt in an all men group of 5 friends, 3 gay (one couple and me) and 2 straight, everything seemed pretty safe and very welcoming but we absolutely didn’t look for any gay related tourism no bars or hook ups, if you go you’ll find that you don’t really need too with all the marvelous things you have to do there. This was before all this change of climate there though.
  14. I know, I haven't been able to go to my university for two weeks now, the school is ok but the zone is affected so until the government gives green light... but this is really the least of the problems...
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