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  1. Absolutely! Plus the consumerism stage the world entered, the song was a perfect denounce. Plus the song is not only about "the American way of doing things" but how we all are trapped by the same things in the whole world. Should I loose some weight am I gonna be a star?
  2. Madonna’s Instagram

    Not sleeping yet!!!
  3. We have the Rayoflighters, the Joan of Arkers, wouldn’t we also need the MDNASkiners? 😂
  4. I started reading forums about the time RIT started
  5. Sure, I did one not a long time ago, but I can't seem to use the search option, it goes into a screen asking me to wait some seconds before searching. Ill get back to you with my review.
  6. When I listened to AL (Whole album) for the first time I thought it was the album that was going to cement her as THE Super Mega World Wide Star (in the way COADF did). But it didn't I listened to that album nonstop for two years.
  7. Good question, I have always heard "makes" but maybe I'm wrong...
  8. Don't think of yesterday And I don't look at the clock I like to boogie-woogie, uh, uh It's like riding on the wind And it never goes away Touches everything I'm in Got to have it everyday Music makes the people come together Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel
  9. AL is my favorite album ever.
  10. Either if he’s working with M or not, I can’t wait to see what’s his music proposal
  11. Madonna’s Instagram

    Wow! She looks amazing
  12. 1 Erotica Give it 2 me Nothing Fails Easy Ride Gone Devil Pray LDLHAM Skin Everybody I want you
  13. I went to Houston first night! Ponytail
  14. Agreed! She or her musical director said somewhere that she wanted to reproduce the same sound as in the album... I don’t mind the tours sounding like the album, but a live band with real percussions and other real instruments would bring a lot of warm and depth to the experience