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  1. I really cant wait to hear GOD CONTROL, KILLERS, DARK BALLET, BATUKA and EXTREME OCCIDENT. I bet these could be my faves.
  2. I'm fucking DEAD. I swear, this woman. And YAS @ GOD CONTROL, finally a 6+ minutes long track!!!!
  3. R101 is one of the biggest italian radio station and they say that Medellin will be added tomorrow: https://www.r101.it/news/madonna-il-nuovo-singolo-dal-17-aprile-su-r101_6860.shtml
  4. Im crying This level of perfection The music the looks THE FACE SHE'S BACK
  5. She posted in february that she cant wait to share all of the portuguese influences on the album and reposted the all female choir of cape verde, we shouldn't worry about the vision.
  6. Your posts are everything, thank you for every info you gave us!
  7. I think cardi closed her profile yesterday cause it was flooded with negative comments after her grammy for best rap album
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