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  1. I can't get over this. The song, the video.....a full performance of this and I'll be fucking dead. I don't know what to say really, she's a genius. We are the luckiest fanbase, we stan for the very best.
  2. Everything is perfect. The fact that she gave us something like Dark Ballet almost 40 years after her debut is INCREDIBLE. GOD, i love this woman.
  3. Yeah right, cause Radio 1 plays so many good songs......FUCK OFF
  4. @Herfaceremains omg thank you!!! AMAZING interview. GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN.
  5. SHE'S COMING. The album will be absolutely fantastic, i'm sure.
  6. Btw i've just re-watched the performance and i appreciated it even more. LOVE those strong visuals and I'm one of those fans who loves Future. Yes, a few off key notes, but she had the balls to sing LAP basically acapella. Anyone else would have been praised for a performance like that. The amount of hate she's getting is just too much. I'm very proud of Madonna.
  7. Mariah's career was dead long before that. Nothing can stop Madonna's career. Not even 1992 stopped her, she'll be fine.
  8. It wasn't her best for sure, but i just don't get the hate. Still proud of my queen.
  9. This song is FIRE I really don't know what to say anymore, she's KILLING me with every release, every song is soooooo good. QUEEN
  10. I'm listening to Soltera with headphones, this is CRAZY. Imagine this LIVE
  11. Can't stop listening. The production of these songs is perfect. I love Madonna more than ever.
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