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  1. I'm planning on getting my dual citizenship through Italy within the next year or so. I've been too lazy to go through the red tape because I have a lot of personal things going on right now, but will definitely do it. I try to be understanding about both sides regarding UK leaving, and other Euro countries potentially staying or leaving. I'm really sick of polarizing and bitter politics, but I'm still watching what will happen regarding any domino effect on other countries. I have been hearing a lot of anger from my sister and brother in law in the UK about the outcome of the vote yesterday. My sister considers me more right wing because she's very left in her politics.
  2. Glad to hear that crazy shooter didn't murder anyone else. Feel dumb about mixing up the story details.
  3. Sorry to hear another large group of people getting killed for absolutely nothing.
  4. Sucks and feel sorry that they face prejudice and threats of violence!
  5. Very disappointing that in 2016 women's reproduction rights are being taken away.
  6. This issue did seem like it blew up pretty quickly, and seems very overblown. Agree with others that there are more pressing issues facing LGBT since US still is pretty homophobic/anti-gay, but will generally support the trans activists.
  7. Know bathroom issue will always freak out some people, but very happy religious right is no longer winning US culture wars!
  8. Thats's a very narrow minded and prejudiced video! I answered my doorbell yesterday to a Jehovah and her ten year old daughter. Woman said her daughter wanted to give me a "speech about Jesus". Was very polite when I declined, but felt bad that the mom put her kid in a situation to be rejected by total strangers.
  9. Great news for the islands even though population is pretty small. Not sure there's that many gay people or even transgender. The rugged and mountainous terrain does look very amazing though from what I've seen in photos.
  10. Completely shocked how he got the width in his hole. Even gaping and double anal penetration porn looks extremely painful, but this is way freakier.
  11. Not surprised some SJW are being assholes again even though media wants to magnify the outrage like it's end of the world. Always enjoyed offensive humor that make a lot of people uncomfortable. Just hope people feel free to use controversial jokes even though some precious snowflakes might have a hissy fit.
  12. Sometimes wonder how international people here must think about the never-ending stories coming from Florida. Lived there for a short time and spent time in different cities. There's definitely a crazy mix of interesting people depending where you're in the state. There are some things I love about it, including many white beaches and relatively cheap living. Just have to avoid some of the militant cops who watch drivers on roads like hawks. Some come off like Hitler's gestapo.
  13. Remember seeing a video of her from this snapshot long time ago. She was freaking out in a bad way. It's sad because overly aggressive feminists like her are just as polarizing as people on the other side of political spectrum. It just gets to a point where everybody shuts down and any discussion becomes toxic and impossible.
  14. Think the spreading social justice warrior ideology people have strong concerns about is even worse in UK campuses. Seems very trivial with some of the policing of language and online media that takes place in UK. It's also reportedly pretty off the charts in Canada, but it's always been a much more liberal country compared to US. . Also, most everyday folk would not know what micro aggressions and cultural appropriation are, but think it's a strong trend for now which needs to be reported on. Even NY Times and CNN are reporting on these issues all the time.
  15. Totally feel same way sometimes for worst criminals and people who abuse kids.
  16. ^Can't imagine trashy Hooters in Finland or any baltic countries. lol
  17. Hardcore SJW ideology seems like a phase right now because of how the world is changing so fast. It's definitely gaining traction and you see it permeating the culture in a big way, but maybe (hopefully) it will run its course in a few years. Even if some are well intentioned, some continue to think you can only create changes by yelling people down or making them feel guilty. I have a couple of family members like that and they're really difficult to engage in sensitive political topics. SJW aren't always going to get their way in the real world, where people mostly care about their daily survival and there's no time to wallow in being offended or micro-aggressions.
  18. Not because of this article, but Mehdi Hasan is an asshole. He's an apologist for conservative side of Islam and homophobic.
  19. Think that retarded clicking of fingers instead of clapping made headlines because it was used by National British Union of Students. I recently read that same union in UK made a motion last week to abolish any representation for "gay cisgender males", particularly whites, because they're no longer consider oppressed. They totally ignored statistics that show gay guys have the largest rate of HIV, along with experiencing a high rate of violence perpetrated against them. All this intra-fighting in leftist circles is not helpful, and partly contributing to right wing rhetoric surging popularity. Like others have already said here, we now have the other extreme like Trump, Le Pen, German far right, etc....
  20. Agree that Madonna would have been attacked left and right if the internet and out of control identity politics were as popular as now. Globalization and advanced technology has made the world much smaller and intimate. It's to be expected that people are going to be inspired and even rip off other cultures. You can be pissed off about it and start conversations, but assaulting and bullying people is immature and nonproductive!
  21. We know cultural appropriation from people of color and even lgbt communities is an issue. Of course depending where you live, racism, xenophobia, homophobia is REAL shit. It just feels that SJW schtick is like a secular religion and many of the tactics employed by them wind up alienating people who would be their allies in the fight. I actually applied for that university and took a tour of that school back in the day. Did not wind up going, but not surprised this incident happened there tbh.
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