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  1. There is nothing in the United Center area. It's a actually not a great neighborhood. Plenty of people will be driving or taking public transport to boystown, I say find some people and stick with them.
  2. Holiday would be nice but I hope she busts out Love Spent, only for us !
  3. Hey Boystown is located off the Belmont Stop on the Red Line, about 10-15 minute cab ride from downtown. about 20-25 minutes from United Center. Wednesday After Party is at Berlin Night Club 957 W. Belmont Thursday After Party is at Spin Night Club 800 W. Belmont It will be all Madonna, even with new tour footage for you to shake your ass too. Welcome to Chicago !
  4. Plugging your ear in a loud nightclub works too, especially if you want to speak with the person next to you
  5. Solo shows can be the best, nobody is talking your ear off. Hope to see you after (see below)
  6. Tickets in the US are much more expensive, plus there is the VIP tickets. US arenas also have more mech stands. I think the US gross might be a bit higher.
  7. RileyYork

    The DVD

    Is there that much difference. I think it's more about how wild the crowd is and NY can be a hit or miss.
  8. RileyYork

    The DVD

    There is another NY show in November at MSG. That would probably be cheaper for them to film vs Yankee Stadium
  9. That would be nice. Especially since Love Spent keeps popping up during soundchecks
  10. I'm Addicted full soundcheck, filmed by me.
  11. The reserved seats on the floor is amazing. You buy a seat and you don't have to wait all day. I hate GA, people stepping allover you pushing, shoving, can't go anywhere without loosing your spot. It's much nicer to just have a drink with your friends and go to the seat when the show actually starts.
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