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  1. always the same, that he co-wrote God Contro and that some kind of agreement is coming and his fan base support him 100%. IDK
  2. Casey Spooner shiting again on Ig and Fb!?
  3. from the title I presume that this song is a dance banger but it's another I................ song (like I'm so stupid)
  4. 1_ Malumadonna 2_ Cruciatus curse on Joan of Arc 3_Guns for fun (in my video) 4_Future bad song top list 5_Dancing with bottle on my head 6_Song for every type of caste 7_I sing then you whisper 8_Bipolar Bitch 9_Dream is alive 10_Midwestern Bitch 11_Anitta 12_Putin 13_Gipsy blood 14_Autotune Mercy 15_Song for gays
  5. I love vocal and piano on demo version (clip) of GC, like some previous demo (girl gone wild, gmayl...) demos are better then final version.
  6. so she won`t work with Mirwais never again
  7. _______________ I Don't Search I Find_______________Crave (B.Benassi remix edit)
  8. Hq pics, Madonna in veil from dark ballet video?
  9. its art, it reminds me at those crazy piano sisters from IGTYAS
  10. Medellin_____6/10 (Video 10/10) that song gives me feeling like Maluma part is a paste copy on some cool Madonna solo demo song I rise______5/10, 100% Madonna song, multi-layer vocal kills the vibe of the song, production try to imitates Mirwais past work and fails Crave_____8/10, best featuring in any Madonna collaboration, don't like that repeating; rush, russssh, rushh, ...komm, komg, kong, love, luv, luuvvv!!!???? and if producers find better vocal ideas for that part the song will, for me be 10/10
  11. Mirwais hints a lot of Kubrick references about his and Madonnas work, Hal 9000, Moloko Korova bar... I think that Killers (droogs) who are partying (in Korova milk bar) is inspired by Clockwork orange
  12. Mirwais also has a new album coming this autumn so I'm pretty sure she will be featured on a couple of songs
  13. well its nothing like TPOGB or MA, it's like folktronica Goldfrapp mets RnB Britney with grillz
  14. didn't Madonna said that dark ballet is research song about jean of arc!?
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