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  1. 1- Ray of light, Music, Erotica, Like a prayer, Like a Virgin 2- American life, COADF, Bedtime Stories, True Blue, MADONNA 3- Rebel heart, Hard candy, MDNA
  2. Don`t tell me, Hollywood, Die another day, Hung up, Sorry, Jump, 4 minutes, GI2m, GGW -where are my nominations bitch mtv
  3. https://vimeo.com/124413299
  4. NM part will be beter if was done by the sock, prefer to see stars like: Debi Mazar, Luke Evans, Jeremy Scott, ...in live, than this badly assembled cameos
  5. i love this version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNJFgWWH17s
  6. she really should wear this because it was all somehow too dark. btw, love the performance
  7. Giovanni ruined mdna art by using 2much of photoshop and he destroy RH by lacking of imagination. it`s a shame because M&M photoshoot r amazing in both case, mdna and Rh.
  8. 1. Illuminati 2. Holy Water 3.Ghosttown 4. Heartbreak City 5. Joan of Arc + Queen
  9. 1 Living for Love 2 Devil Pray 3 Ghosttown 4 Illuminati 5 Holy Water 6 HeartBreakCity 7 Joan of Arc 8 Messiah 9 Wash All Over Me 10 Queen
  10. hell 2 the NO 1.RoL 1.Music 3.AL 4. Erotica 4. Lap 6. TB 7. BS 8. COADF 9. Madonna 10. REBELheart 11. LAV 12. HC 13.MDNA
  11. she needs to wear this dress by pucci when performing illuminati
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